Card & Wallet Management

Launch new products in days

Creating new products or reacting to a competitive threat can be a challenge. With our product you can design, develop and launch new card products extremely quickly. By making it possible to quickly edit a card product profile and decide on the product’s attributes (for example fees or credit limits), Card and Wallet Management enables new products to be launched within days, with unmatched flexibility and configuration capabilities.

Card & Wallet Management
Managing the complete customer relationship

In today’s fiercely competitive market place the key challenge for any issuer is to attract and retain customers. This means ensuring you can issue the right card product at the right price point. The Eniac Cards and Wallet Management product supports credit, debit and prepaid cards straight out of the box. It also offers support for specialist card types like corporate, travel and campus cards, as well as virtual cards, e-wallets and emerging payment instruments.

Co-branded corporate platform

Co-branding is a partnership between two companies. We offer co-branded cards opportunities for our clients to collaborate with banks and other finance institutions to help build a name for their company. Co-branded cards help companies reach out to a lot of people and gain attention. Eniac offer highly effective co-branding corporate platform for companies to effectively target themselves and gain attention. Also, the clients that will use our co-branded corporate platform will be able to gain a lot of profit.


The development of bank’s microfinance payments has particular importance; On the one hand, the provision of electronic tools has attracted new customers and on the other hand, bringing a microfinance turnover in banks would stabilize the competitive position of them. Among the other benefits of electronic wallets, the revenue from issuing, charging, and settling purchase transactions can be noted. In electronic payment, the wallet card holder which has purchased the card from the bank branch or charged the card in ATMs or other terminals (POS) will use this card as a micro-payment tool; the best examples of using this card can be paying small fares, or public transport costs such as metro, bus and taxi.


Customer-centric architecture

Cards and Wallet Management makes it possible to organize card-based and other products around the customer’s existing systems.

Customizable card production

Configuration capabilities make it easy to quickly develop and produce new card products that meet the needs of specific target customer groups.

Flexible rules for commissions and fees

You set the rules for calculating fees and commissions. The system supports a variety of algorithms in any combination: variable threshold, fixed rate and floating rate.

Support for multiple cards

Enable the creation of debit, credit, virtual or prepaid cards across different payment schemes: VISA, MasterCard, SHETAB , and private cards. Cards can be created in a variety of physical media, including magnetic stripe with contact and contactless chip. You can create co-branded, personal and corporate cards. Managed cards and accounts can also be authorized online.

Multicurrency and interchange forecasting

The product supports multiple currencies and the application of different rules depending on the source of funds. The product also provides flexible mechanisms for debit accounts, useful when working with cards that support multiple currencies

Customer notifications

Cards and Wallet Management also supports financial and non-financial notifications such as PIN code changes.