Card Personalization

Card Personalization

Eniac offers its clients card personalization service, our customization service includes embossing, thermal printing or hot stamping, magnetic stripe encoding, chip electrical personalization, fulfillment, serialization and packaging, among others. Personalization can be provided in full scope or partially, according to the customer needs.

Eniac SEE is a leading regional provider of complete payment industry solutions, for non-financial and financial institutions, supporting card and card-less transactions. We deliver equipment, software and solutions, providing highest level of expertise, maintenance and support through the entire portfolio.

Eniac SEE implements world latest technology standards in payment industry and together with its Clients actively participates in innovations in the region, creating new, proprietary solutions which are tailored for its Client’s and market specific needs.

During the personalization process, the plastic cards or smart cards are personalized according to the individual project or customer requirements. The personalization process includes different sub-systems and technologies such as laser engraving and high-end printing systems (thermal printing, dye-sublimation), lamination or embossing.

Eniac works with customers every day with more than 40,000 daily capacities and personalizes millions of smart cards every year. Over the past ten years of production and personalization experience with cards, we have developed an extensive portfolio of services and solutions for issuers. Eniac is unique in the way we help align the individual needs of each customer to the requirements of accurate and timely matching of data and printing.

Chip & Magnetic Stripe Encoding

  • Magnetic Stripe

    Encoding is available for either high or low coercively cards. Our magnetic stripe cards can be encoded to the specifications set by leading manufacturers of automated banking and other non banking equipment.

  • Data Loading

    Formats the card to accept data, such as the manufacturer ID and date code. We can load all types of digital data (identification records, health histories, etc.).

  • Key Loading

    We can program the card with either customer supplied keys or Eniac encrypted keys for security applications.

  • Value Loading

    We can load any form of value onto a card, including tokens.

Secondary Card Printing

  • Barcode Printing

    We support the 2/5, 3/9, 128-A,B,C, EAN 8, UPC-A, E, EAN 128, MSI, and ITF barcode formats.

  • Dye Sublimation Printing

    A logo and/or user name and address on a pre-printed card can be added (up to 300 DPI resolutions). The following colors can be applied (one per pass): black, white, teal, burgundy, purple, gold, royal blue, process blue, silver, green, warm red, dark red.

  • Inkjet Printing

    Provides a low resolution and low cost option for serialization and is available on larger production runs.

Security Personalization Options

  • Cryptography

    Eniac provides simple and effective file-level security with a double-blind Key Escrow methodology that protects sensitive everyday data.

  • Holograms and Overlays

    Offered in either metallic foil or polyester overlays to increase security Special tooling charges apply.

  • Signature Panels

    Some applications require additional external methods to verify personal identification. A writeable panel accommodates a user signature and can also be used for entering hand written authorization codes or other dynamic user data.

  • Scratch-Off Panels

    Are especially effective in protecting preloaded PINs and or other customer specific data, a scratch-off panel can be applied to dye-sublimation printing and accommodate up to 10 digits.

  • Tipping and Embossing

    Card embossing is provided in the standard banking point sizes and font. Tipping is offered in silver or gold and is applied to the embossed characters to make them more readable.

Security Printing Options

Card Mailing

The final process step is the mailing of the personalized cards. The cards are attached to carrier sheets by label dispensing and folded. Additional inserts can be added optionally.

Eniac issuance workflow


Card turning
Multi Card input (Stacker or magazine)
Barcode reader
Thermo- transfer print
Overlay lamination (clear overalay and patch)
Label application
Chip encoding (contact/ contactless)
Card Cleaning
Data verification
Inkjet printing (monochrome and color)
Laser engraving
Vision inspection
Magstripe encoding (ISO HiCo, LoCo)
Card sorting
Dye sublimation color print
Multi card output (conveyor, stacker)