Club Card Issuing

A high-quality and functional membership card

Provide your members with a personalized membership card, enabling you to visually identify them while strengthening their ties to your club or association.

Issuing the Membership & Loyalty Club’s Cards

Loyalty cards allow you to reward your customers’ loyalty with discounts, points or gifts. Loyalty cards give you the opportunity to track customer purchasing habits and related data in order to build strong customer relationships. They can be personalized to store data that is appropriate to your organization. We will work with you to design eye-catching loyalty cards which will be attractive to customers at the point of sale, and issue any membership cards.

Membership and loyalty card systems are an easy way to track a member base, including frequent visits and/or purchases. Implement loyalty programs that reward customers with discounts, bonuses or incentives based on the customers’ visiting and spending habits.

Eniac Tech can work with organizations, shops, restaurants, clubs, to design, produce, and integrate a membership or loyalty card system for customers or members, including programs like seasonal passes and frequent shopper cards. From basic programs (design) to more sophisticated programs (Issuing and personalizing), we have the hardware and technology to implement a system for all sorts of membership and loyalty programs.

Membership Tracking

With a membership tracking solution from Eniac, an organization is able to track and manage members. Membership tracking systems, also known as loyalty tracking systems, typically utilize magnetic stripe PVC plastic cards for membership cards that link to your loyalty portal and banking POS hardware.

Eniac Membership tracking systems can be scaled to fit applications of all sizes, from social group’s memberships to retail loyalty cards. If local and custom application is not available for your business or doesn't quite fit your requirements,  Eniac can custom develops a membership tracking solution based on your needs.

Why Choose Eniac?


Membership cards printed on plastic cards have the following advantages

Visual quality

Eniac’s personalization machines and printers print in high resolution, giving your cards a professional finish. At Eniac, ensuring the best possible quality is a priority and a strong corporate value.

Sturdiness of the PVC medium

Resistant, your membership cards will easily last all season. PVC is resistant to weathering, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock and abrasion. It is therefore the preferred choice for many different long-life and outdoor products.


You integrate your designs and logo and add the data required: first names and surnames of your members, photos, the card's validity date, etc. The connection to your database allows you to effortlessly print all your cards.

Additional features

Using the Eniac’s printer encoders, (magnetic strip, contact or contactless chip) and while printing barcodes, you can integrate access management, prepayment, or even promotional offers from partnering stores in your cards.

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