Club Management

Club Management Service

Our club management software is optimized for clubs, groups and organizations. It offers useful features to help clubs and associations sell themselves better and improve the service provided to customers and communicating effectively with members. Using this application you access the huge database of customers and look at their approach regarding your service.

Key Features

Promotions and marketing

You can award benefits, point, gift cards, and discounts to members through loyalty programs. Plus, you can send social media notifications, automated emails, and text messages to all members managing of events and announcing threads motivating them to buy goods or receive the service you offer.

Membership management

You can edit and save member records, look for members in the database, and upgrade or downgrade memberships as needed. Members also can be put in groups together and can be assigned to properties.

Reservations management

You can make member reservations (e.g., for spas and restaurants in health and country clubs). It is also possible create a waiting list to deal with cancelled appointments.

E-wallet management

Your customers may get benefit from paying points or money using your e-wallet system through Eniac E-wallet infrastructure.


You can generate useful reports on member details, monthly sales, inventory, business trends, etc

Member forums

Your club’s members can use online communities to have discussions and share files with other users.

Payment processing

Your club can accept membership payments via loyalty or debit cards.

Member access

Members can use biometric or barcode scanning to check in and out.

Benefits of our club management service

Boosts revenue

You can use the club system’s marketing and promotional features to reach out to more members and to encourage existing members to use your facilities and services more extensively.

Automates administrative work

The solution automates routine tasks such as data entry which saves time and energy for your employees. They can use the time to focus on productive campaigns and efforts.

Better data security

Your club needs to store confidential info such as personal and credit card details of members. To ensure data protection, top club management apps offer advanced security features.

Smooth integration with other business systems

Club management software can seamlessly integrate with the other business platforms you use, which means there is no need for repeat data entry. You can store all your data and information in a single solution and you can generate useful reports on your club’s finances, performance and other details.

Happy member experiences

Your club’s members can use portals and online forums created by the software to share their experiences with other users. These opportunities can enhance their membership satisfaction which can improve retention and loyalty

Latest Trends

Cloud software is popular

Cloud software is becoming ubiquitous as it offers a host of benefits including access to data anytime, anywhere, affordable prices, and enhanced flexibility. You only require a reliable internet connection to make use of and benefit from cloud-based club management software.

Use of social media

Consumers are widely using social media networks to get reviews and feedback on products and services before they buy them. You can use club management system to boost your brand on social media, publicize your facilities and services, and provide customer support on social networks.

Mobile apps have become necessary

Association management apps are growing in popularity. To help your club’s members, you can provide a mobile app that they can use to access information on personal plans, activity tracking, etc. The mobile app can enhance the members’ user experience and offer you helpful options for scheduling purchasing, client communication and more.