Business Integration Technology is a technology company that is focused on the business processes. We have exceptional depth in transportation, logistics, and supply chain, in addition to recent experience in financial services, banking, and enterprise application integration.

A B2B integration implementation executes the integration strategy to create an optimal custom-tailored B2B network for your enterprise.

Why you need

B2B ecommerce platform is the recommended solution for medium and large companies that want to maintain or improve its market position. These solutions are becoming more popular among owners and customers, what should not surprise anyone who had the opportunity to enjoy a well-configured and optimized implementations of this type. This is another idea to develop effective competitive advantage for companies that do not want to stand still.

Today’s B2B buyers demand the same modern online experiences and ease of use that consumers enjoy. The provided solution makes it easy to build those experiences, plus includes the specific tools you need to serve your B2B and wholesale buyers.

All of our Ecommerce solutions give businesses the robust capabilities expected of an enterprise-class B2B ecommerce platform, including the ability to provide the same easy and information-rich shopping experience as a B2C website. Our ecommerce approach is seamlessly aimed to integrate with customer current back-end operational systems, using web services for interchanging data packages. Support web stores, travelling sector, in-house sales, distributors, manufacturers, and all channel partners who are interested in providing online, real time single platform. This unique B2B ecommerce solution for businesses will enable your company to go after new revenue opportunities with less effort and without any time consuming programming, attracting and servicing new customers and transform a slow-growth offline business into a high-growth multichannel enterprise.

What we consider in B2B approach

  1. B2B Business Rules and Standards
  2. B2B Implementation - the initial steps required to get started with B2B
  3. Technical Documents - if you are intending to build your own B2B solution

Value Propositions

Our edge in B2B services space includes:

  1. Cost effectiveness through the Right Sourcing (onsite-offshore model)
  2. Extensive domain knowledge
  3. Project experience across verticals
  4. End-to-end solutions in IT consulting, IT development, IT maintenance and IT migration
  5. Solution simulation to reduce deployment time
  6. Capability to handle large scale engagements
  7. Dedicated offshore development centers for some of the customers

Eniac’s e-commerce offers many solution which we listed below some of them:

  1. Tourism B2B infrastructure
  2. Insurance B2B infrastructure
  3. Hotel Channel Management
  4. Hotel Reservation Panel

By using our seamless e-commerce solutions, you can always be assured of an integrated business. Our e-commerce solutions are built to perform and provide results that make for a successful business.