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Eniac-Soft Switch

The Eniac-Soft Switch solution is based on three closely integrated software products, the Eniac-Soft Switch Front-End online transaction processing (OLTP) system, the Eniac-Soft Switch Back-Office card management system, and the Eniac-Soft Card Generator card production system that jointly cater to the full range of card processing and management functions. These cover the following key areas:

  1. Multi-channel service delivery whereby customers can initiate transactions and make queries using various devices and facilities such as ATMs, POSs, kiosks, call centers, e-commerce Web sites, mobile phones, and more
  2. Integration with other line-of-business applications such as retail and core banking systems, customer relationship management (CRM), call-centers, and more
  3. Interchange with payment networks (online for authorization and off-line for clearing and settlement and reports)
  4. Clearing and settlement between the customer and merchant with fees applied appropriately among all parties
  5. Fund transfers to third-party accounts (utility payments, mobile accounts, and so on) Internet banking
  6. Online issuer-side authorization processing with account limit and balance verification
  1. ATM and POS network control, monitoring, and management
  2. Card, account, customer, and merchant management
  3. Card production and personalization
  4. Product creation and management
  1. Sophisticated multiple account credit card support
  2. Customer origination and applications processing
  3. Exception, charge back, and dispute processing
  4. Social programs and electronic government
  1. Fraud prevention and monitoring
  2. Loyalty and affinity schemes
  3. Delinquency management
  4. E-Commerce

In the perennial dilemma of choosing between best-of-breed and integrated solutions, Eniac-Soft Switch has taken the best of both worlds. Its two main components, Eniac-Soft Switch Front-End and Eniac- Soft Switch Back-Office, are optimized to meet the dif- ferent requirements that exist in real-time transaction processing environments and in the batch-oriented back-office domain.

Eniac-Soft Switch Front-End

Eniac-Soft Switch Front-End is a lean and mean real-time transaction engine that can be scaled up or out as needed through unlimited process parallelization capabilities and efficient communications infrastructure.

Eniac-Soft Switch Front-End handles all online real-time interactions and activities that are required to provide fast and error-free authorization processing at both the issuer and acquirer sides. Typically, it processes all transaction origination devices, online payment scheme interfaces, online host interfaces, Internet and wireless interfaces, and any other online interfaces.

The key functional areas that are supported by Eniac-Soft Switch Front-End include:

  1. Authorization requests capture, processing and routing
  2. Stand-in, host, and serial multi-host authorization
  3. ATM and POS network management and monitoring, including support for multifunctional self-service kiosks
  4. Online transaction monitoring using rule- based or statistics models to detect fraudulent transactions
Eniac-Soft Switch Back-Office

Eniac-Soft Switch Back-Office is built to focus on the flexibility and intelligence that are required to minimize errors and difficulties in the process of collecting and analyzing customer information and matching transactions and to offer maximum freedom and minimum time-to- market when configuring services and products.

Eniac-Soft Switch Back-Office provides off-line clearing and settlement with counterparties and payment networks; customer, card and merchant management; interfacing with the core banking and other IT systems; and comprehensive reporting, both within the organization and for external parties.

The features and functions of Eniac-Soft Switch Back-Office cover the following main categories:

  1. Customer, card and merchant management, including fees, rate, and limit setup
  2. Clearing and settlement of financial transactions
  3. Dispute, charge back, and exception processing
  4. Fraud reporting and risk management
  5. Operational accounting (GL accounts maintenance) and reporting
  6. Comprehensive credit card functionality support
  7. Value-added services, such as co-brand cards, loyalty, and affinity schemes
Eniac-Soft Card Generator

Eniac-Soft Card Generator is a complete subsystem for magnetic and smart chip (EMV) card personalization. It provides direct interfaces to card production equipment and offers the facilities for embossing data preparation, chip personalization data preparation, card security management procedures.

Solutions for various environments

In both completed and on-going implementations, Eniac-Soft Switch-based solutions provide the core platform for the following types of business:

  • Full-function retail bank with in-house card processing

    This is an environment for principal members of international payment associations that offer a full range of the Eniac-Soft Switch Suite functionality, from traditional transaction switching and card management to pervasive customer access to their card accounts.

  • Eniac Soft Switch

    This configuration is for customers that would like to take full advantage of Eniac-Soft Switch Front-End to enhance their online real-time processing power while retaining their existing back-office card management environment.

  • Third-Party processor/member service provider

    As more and more banks outsource their processing environments to third parties, the Eniac-Soft Switch multi-institution capability makes it an ideal match for organizations that are providing TPP/MSP services to smaller banks that act as affiliate licensees or sponsored members of a payment scheme.

  • Agent organization

    Also a full-function configuration, the Eniac-Soft Switch-based agent solution provides everything an associate/affiliate payment scheme member, independent selling organization (ISO), or a member’s regional branch might need.

  • National payment network

    Eniac-Soft Switch can be used as a technology foundation for a national or international payment network. It supports all functions featuring such payment processing system, including clearing and inter-bank settlement, message switching, routing and interfacing with member banks equipped with their own processing centers.

  • Merchant processor

    A merchant acquiring network can be more effective if it is run as a core business. Eniac-Soft Switch offers the online functionality, terminal control and management features, and multi-institution capability that merchant processors require.

  • Payment gateway

    Eniac-Soft Switch processing capabilities can be extended to a fully online environment where organizations acquire card payments over the Internet or GSM networks. This Eniac-Soft Switch solution works as a bridge between cardholders, issuing and acquiring banks and service providers to enable secure electronic payment processing.