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POS Hardware, Supplies & Equipment

Point of Sale System

(EFTPOS) is an electronic payment system involving electronic funds transfers based on the use of payment cards, such as debit or credit cards, at payment terminals located at points of sale.

Whether you need an EFT POS terminal for your store counter, a portable EFT POS solution, or an integrated solution EFTPOS Eniac has a reliable and cost-effective EFT POS Terminal that meets all of your payment needs.

  1. Basic an EFT POS terminals for debit and credit card transactions
  2. Portable terminals so you can take payment to the customer
  3. Terminals that can connect to your Point of Sale system or electronic cash register
  4. A range of value-added solutions such as mobile phone top-up, currency conversion and gift card solutions
  5. A number of connectivity options - Broadband, GPRS, Wi-Fi or Dial-up

The equipment used in a point-of-sale (POS) system is very important, as it can determine how efficiently the POS system conducts financial transactions. In an average POS system, you will find a computer, barcode scanner, thermal printer, cash drawer, payment terminal, and more.

Eniac Tech provides an easy, pre-configured package that’s selected based on quality and reliability. As a Verifone representative in Iran we source and test every product to ensure you have the best POS system out there.

Countertops POS

With our all-in-one countertop solutions, the point of sale has transformed into an integrated commerce experience. In a variety of designs that range from rugged to elegant, our countertop devices are both merchant and user friendly. Beyond payment acceptance, the devices can also support rich multimedia to drive customer engagement and build loyalty. Select the countertop solution that best meets your needs.

VX 520

The VX 520 is a reliable, rugged countertop POS device that's built to last.

The VX 520 comes with the choice of dial-up or ethernet connectivity, as well as an optional battery. A comm port area underneath the device keeps countertops free of clutter.

VX 820 Duet

All-inclusive, touchscreen PIN pad with stylish design and high-performance processor.

COMBINING A STYLISH PIN pad with an ultra-functional base, the VX 820 duet is a feature-rich countertop device that gives both merchants and consumers everything they need.


Smart, affordable, all-in-one countertop solution wrapped in an elegant design.

  1. Color LCD with sound capabilities to drive multimedia usage
  2. Modern, robust design—ideal for countertop use
  3. Faster processing to accommodate advanced multimedia usage
  4. Maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption
  5. Accepts all payment inputs including NFC/contactless, EMV chip and PIN, and magstripe
  6. Generate more revenue opportunities at the POS through personalized, interactive offers and value-adds with the Enhanced Commerce option

PIN Pads

Do more with the classic PIN pad POS. We offer advanced features and functionality in these deceptively powerful devices. Speed customers through the checkout with maximum security, and leave them delighted by the seamless experience.


Affordable, lightweight, durable multi-payment acceptance, high-speed PIN pad.

  1. Accepts all payment inputs including NFC/contactless, EMV chip and PIN and magstripe
  2. Single connector reduces logistical complexities
  3. Maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption
  4. Advanced commerce capabilities, including BLE/beaconing support, are available with the Enhanced Commerce opt

Advanced, high performance PIN pad with rich multimedia and commerce capabilities.

  1. HVGA color touch screen with built-in audio for multimedia
  2. Maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption
  3. Single connector reduces logistical complexities
  4. Accepts all payment inputs including NFC/contactless, EMV chip and PIN and magstripe
  5. Advanced commerce capabilities, including BLE/beaconing support, available with the Enhanced Commerce option
VX 805

An EMV PIN pad that supports a full range of card and transaction types.

  1. Intuitive, ATM-style interface and large keypad deliver fingertip convenience
  2. High-resolution, white backlit display and on-screen prompts are readable under all lighting conditions
  3. Sturdy yet handy, dual-purpose design functions as both a handheld payment device and a countertop PIN pad
  4. Simple and secure processing of credit, PIN-based debit, EMV-based chip cards and alternative transactions—including NFC/contactless payments
  5. Programmable function keys allow for addition of capabilities and new applications, including revenue-producing, value-added solutions

Do more than accept payments. Offer rewards, loyalty programs, digital couponing, and more with customizable apps from the Merchant Marketplace.

Maximum security

Equipped with advanced security technology for added peace of mind.

Increase productivity

Breathe new life into the checkout process by delivering real-time content, individualized offers and rewards, and other value-added services.

Portable POS

Mobility solutions are transforming the ways in which we do business across all industries, businesses both large and small. To keep pace with demanding consumer expectations, merchants are deploying a mobile strategy to engage with customers while they are in buying mode (in your store) and improving the customer experience.

Give your customers the flexibility to take payment to the customer with a terminal that connects via Wi-Fi or GPRS.

VX 680

Flexible connectivity options enable payment acceptance anywhere, and its large touchscreen and small size make it easy to use. The VX 680 supports value-added apps, giving merchants new revenue opportunities.

Delivers wireless connection through GPRS, WiFi/Bluetooth combo, or 3G.

VX 690

On-the-go, integrated, 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi enabled payment solution.

  1. Powered by HSPA+ 3G—with Bluetooth and WiFi radio capabilities for faster processing, fewer dropped transactions and streamlined downloads
  2. Dual SIM keeps transactions moving and offers the ability to connect to different wireless networks
  3. Built-in GPS lets merchants track the location of every transaction—to more efficiently manage operations and inventory or establish territorial limitations
  4. Delivers optimum performance in the palm of your hand with durable construction that’s built to last
  5. Engineered for maximum security and compliance with endto-end encryption and the best data protection in the industry
  6. Internal PIN pad streamlines debit transactions
  7. PCI PTS 3.0-approved
V400 m

All in one connectivity enables absolute portability.

Flexible connectivity: 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth

  1. USB connector for camera, barcode scanner, biometric readers
  2. Maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption
  3. Accepts all payment types: NFC/contactless, mobile wallets, EMV, magstripe
  4. Supports a variety of apps with Verifone’s Commerce Platform
Purposeful design

Compact yet powerful, designed to improve usability and comfort, while enhancing the POS user experience.


Attract and retain customers with value-added services, while generating new revenue opportunities with commerce apps from the Merchant Marketplace.

Increase productivity

Power-packed with performance so merchants can process on-the-spot transactions with minimal wait time.

Integrated POS


Connect your POS to your terminal with an integrated solution for fast, accurate transactions.

Integrated POS solutions helps merchants manage their business and drive revenue by providing personalized, meaningful customer experiences beyond just accepting payments. Ready to use right out of the box, merchants can connect to value-added and commerce apps that build brand loyalty and uncover additional revenue opportunities.

Carbon 10

Carbon opens up new opportunities for merchants and better experiences for customers.

Verifone Carbon is a smart business engine designed to boost commerce—from marketing to inventory to customer loyalty, and, of course, payments. Its integrated design features dual screens and the flexibility to act as a full-featured countertop or portable POS solution. And, with access to Verifone’s Merchant Marketplace, businesses can extend their reach like never before

Carbon 8

Carbon 8 provides meaningful experiences at the counter and on the go.

Verifone Carbon 8 is a compact mobile POS device designed to boost commerce and customer engagement, equally on the counter or on the move. Built with the same integrated design as the first Carbon device, Carbon 8 merges the merchant and customer displays, while including accessories to support mobility, including an attachable printer, shoulder strap, and charging base. With access to Verifone’s Merchant Marketplace, merchants can create personalized experiences and build loyalty and revenue anytime, anywhere.


Innovative design merges POS and terminal capabilities into one solution, reducing countertop footprint and boosting functionality.

Merchant Marketplace

Customize your device with business management tools and customer-facing apps that help move your business forward.

Flexible usage

Devices function as full-featured countertop, portable or mobile point of sale solutions to engage customers when and where they want.