E- Wallet

E-Wallet Solution

The Eniac Wallet infrastructure is a proven, robust and scalable electronic wallet solution for card holder and developing markets. It can be used to transact any item that can be counted or unitized. Principal uses are money, but also include loyalty points, coupons, tokens and any other unit, such as airline miles.

Supporting Various Type Of Terminals

The technology can be provided as turnkey, physical plastic cardholders, or hosted solution enabling financial institutions, retailers, payment service providers, merchants, banks, telecom operators, utility providers or other businesses to offer their customers smart and practically branded services.
Real-life business and use cases for financial and non-financial electronic wallet include:

  1. Cash replacement using NFC, mag stripe and private-label cards
  2. Enabling in-store and online micropayments
  3. Managing pre-paid accounts for public transport, road tolls, mobile/Internet usage, etc
  4. Bill and membership payments include scheduling payment intervals
  5. Electronic Purse functionality for closed user groups such as schools, sporting and social clubs
  6. Entertainment and transport ticketing
  7. Conducting Government payments and issue of emergency relief via mobile devices
  8. Mobile Banking and ATMs
  9. Remitting contractor payments and corporate expenses
  10. Automating existing loyalty and coupon programs
  11. Cost-effective and convenient international fund transfers and peer-to-peer transactions

Embedded API’s enable integration with other wallet services such as Google Wallet™ and PayPal™, and payment providers such as the Western Union enhancing the value and utility of the service provider’s eco-system.

How Does Eniac Digital Wallet Work?

Digital wallets enable users to set up and manage personal accounts and perform transactions over the Internet – including via mobile devices – and/or via magnetic stripe cards, private-label cards and near field communications (NFC) equipped devices.

Branded digital wallet solutions are fast and easy to integrate with your existing core systems, and provide a way for you to take innovative new services to market fast.

The basic digital wallet transaction types are:

  1. Deposit – A credit to a wallet of a specified amount
  2. Withdrawal – A debit of a wallet by a specified amount
  3. Pre-authorization – A reservation of funds on the wallet
  4. Chargeback – A reversal of a prior debit transaction

These transaction types enable a customer to get money onto the wallet, transfer money to other wallets and get money out of the wallet.

What Is In Our Offer?

Flexibility: Eniac Digital Wallet can be used to manage and transact with any item that can be counted and unitized.

  1. Loyalty Points
  2. Coupons
  3. Money
  4. Virtual currencies
  5. Units of miles

Security: Financial industry security standards are incorporated into the system to ensure customer confidence in using the platform.

Access: The business rules for a transaction have been abstracted from the transaction device enabling customers to use a wide variety of devices to perform transactions.

Why Eniac Digital Wallet Solution?

Eniac Digital Wallet uses other Eniac payment infrastructure modules to integrate with telecommunications infrastructure, financial institutions, and other third-parties using standards-based and proprietary protocols. Settlement of user accounts with external and internal agencies is achieved by regular production of multi-party electronic banking files containing all settlement details.

Enables service providers to offer a broad range of new and innovative services to their customers and clients, that can be accessed from point of sales devices, mobile phones, or traditional cards complemented with power of latest technologies like iBeacon, Bluetooth LE, QR codes to advanced 
mobile applications.

Stay a Leader with Your Own Digital Wallet

Your connected customers want joined-up services 7/24 or on the move. They want to increase their credit for online orders or pay for goods anytime and anywhere, easily and securely, with a suitable way such as smart phone, tablet or PC that’s always at hand.

You can make that vision a reality for them, with a digital wallet for face-to-face and e/m commerce, without compromising privacy and convenience.

Use a digital wallet to drive your business strategy in this exciting new space. Enhance your customers’ experience with value added services of your own, and achieve:

  1. Increased transaction volumes
  2. New businesses
  3. Cost-effective delivery
  4. Better customer intelligence
  5. Improved loyalty
  6. Faster and more accurate reporting
  7. Excellent fraud security
  8. New partnership opportunities
Eniac Makes Your Wallet Reality

Eniac E-Wallet infrastructure gives you everything your business needs in a single cloud based webserver solution – comprehensive and multi-channel, offering in-store and remote payment solutions.

Eniac Wallet enables you to:

  1. Integrate with your existing payment infrastructure
  2. Protect customers with highest levels of security for personal data
  3. Incorporate value added services of your own, such as loyalty programmers and couponing
  4. Meet key global security and compliance standards
  5. Implement and budget on a pay-as-you-go basis as your business demands
  6. Rely on Eniac’s own proven, market neutral business technology
What Do the Best Digital & Electronic Wallets Do?

Most mobile wallets are free, which means that you can download them and try them out without incurring cost; it also makes using more than one mobile wallet in order to gain maximum utility a viable option. Consider the mobile wallet's functionality for the following card types when looking for the best mobile wallet.

Credit & Debit Cards: The primary function of a secure wallet app is to store your credit and debit cards, and the best apps enable you pay with them using your phone instead of the actual physical cards. Additionally, the best mobile wallets give you the option of storing a variety of cards, including major card brands, cards from local banks, and store-branded cards.

Loyalty Cards: While loyalty cards can help you earn nice discounts or freebies at the establishments you frequent most, nearly every grocery store, restaurant and boutique offers one, and you can quickly accumulate a hefty stack of cards. For this reason, the best digital wallet companies enable you to store your loyalty cards and track your points on each card.

Gift Cards: It's easy to forget to use the gift cards that you receive; in fact, in 2015, nearly $1 billion in gift cards was never redeemed, due to lost or forgotten cards and small, unused balances left on the cards after a purchase. The best mobile wallets allow you to store gift cards, which can help you keep track of and spend every cent on them.

Eniac Wallet Ticks All the Boxes

The Eniac Wallet is a complete end-to-end, secure and proven payment solution. It is designed to connect consumers to a large range of issuers’ services.

The core of our offer is a cloud wallet server that ensures secure storage of consumer credentials:

  • Payment cards
  • Cardless payment details (such as credit transfer or direct debit)
  • Dematerialized IDs for loyalty programs, ticketing and many other schemes

To ensure these wallet credentials can be used easily and with full security, Eniac provides cutting edge access and authentication technologies. What’s more, merchants and consumers can benefit from dedicated modules:

  • API for easy interfacing
  • Smartphone apps
  • Extension to mobile payments based on QR codes

With Eniac Wallet solutions, the long expected unified user experience for remote and in-store commerce has become reality.

E- Wallet Advantages


Pay with a single tap. No more failed transactions. No more waiting at the checkout counter.


Keep your customer and business information secure with our digital wallet.


Nominal deduction on transfer to bank. Minimum Transaction Fee.


Off the shelf integration with leading POS platforms.

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