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EFT POS Gift Card Programs & Solutions

Eftpos Gift Card will grow your business and increase sales and customer loyalty.

Eniac is an Iranian EFT POS gift cards marketing, issuing and management company that distributes a range of electronic funds transfer cards Including loyalty cards, rewards cards, gift cards, account cards, membership cards and some emerging technologies.

Our focus on Retail Card Programs and Business Card Programs enables any size business in any industry sector, to participate in what is rapidly becoming a critical product for all retail, wholesale and overall business marketing. The growing popularity of gift cards, their flexibility and results for your business is incredible.

Gift Cards are not just a form of currency, but the single most powerful and cost effective marketing tool your organization can implement.

A gift cards program allows you to save money, save time (saving even more money), reduce human error and streamline your business Making it more competitive, more profitable and better at meeting your customer’s needs.

We do this by being flexible, innovative and low cost. Eniac show you the simplicity of these programs, operating on equipment, you already have.

Any size business can participate in our systems and rapidly profit from the latest technology. No need to change your equipment, or upgrade your current point of sale system or pay the costs of retraining staff.

Our technology will work on the EFT POS you already have!


With the added convenience a gift card delivers, Consumers have strongly adopted this product. The awareness and sales of gift cards has grown rapidly.


Because our gift cards work on the SHAPARAK EFT POS system, this means they can be used at all your favorite retail outlets in IRAN.


We Design and supply Custom Gift Cards with your business branding. We can also restrict your branded Gift Cards for use only on your retail outlet EFT POS terminals for return customer or customer rewards programs


Gift cards make the perfect present. They fulfill a wide variety of needs and can be used multiple times – turning recipients into shoppers and shoppers into satisfied regular customers.


Thanks to streamlined and stable processes, our gift card programs enable you to significantly reduce transaction costs.


Our technology allows for a smooth and secure operation that directly profits the consumer: In the event of card loss, balances are easily rebooked and the lost card blocked. In addition, we offer PIN-based systems for e-commerce.

  1. A wide range of options for recharging and balance queries
  2. Individual card materials and designs
  3. Virtual or mobile solutions
  4. Cross-border usage
  5. Seamless processes for billing and clearing between different entities or merchants


  1. Closed Loop cards are set up to ONLY transact in EFT POS terminals that you have nominated, This means you can ensure that the funds are spent within your Chamber
  2. Cards can be loaded using EFT POS, internet banking or we can load them for you
  3. Gift cards can be sold in store, as vouchers, to be redeemed in participating stores within the Chamber
  4. In store/s; the cards are purchased, load value paid for, and then loaded using the refund function on the EFT POS terminal. Resulting in a money in / money out, NIL balance transaction
  5. Gift cards can also be used for specific promotions, rewards, sponsorships, donations, discounts and business referrals.
  6. NO extra software is needed, as cards operate using your existing EFT POS terminal.
  7. Cards hold no value until loaded, meaning they are safe to be promoted in a high traffic area within stores

Closed Loop gift cards can be used only in the outlets or web shop of the company that has issued them.


Restricted Loop cards are the first choice when several companies enter into a cooperative arrangement. These loyalty or gift cards enjoy “cross acceptance”, which means that they can be used at any sales outlet linked to the cooperating companies.


Open Loop cards are linked to worldwide payment schemes, such as MasterCard or Visa. The card is issued by a single company or an association of companies and can be used anywhere the payment scheme is accepted, usually worldwide.


Do you require assistance in the day-to-day operation of your gift card solution? Eniac Service Center provides you professional support in accordance with all agreed service level agreements. Whether a complete package or partial service: You will always benefit from our experienced, highly motivated team and fine-tuned processes.

You can find below our various type of Gift Cards:

Generic Gift Cards

Eniac keep in stock, a variety of generic gift card designs. This allows customers to purchase a small quantity of cards and have them delivered quickly.

Some of our clients choose to order these while waiting for their custom cards to be produced. The in-stock cards are color, we then print onto them (in black, gold or silver) your business details. This way we are able to keep the cost down and deliver quickly. Below you can view our current in-stock cards.

Remember that the color and design are already printed so we can’t change them.

If you want a FAST START, use our PREPRINTED cards!

Order No : 1000
Order No : 1002
Order No : 1003
Order No : 1005
Order No : 1006
Order No : 1008
Order No : 1009

Custom Gift Cards

Custom designs can be just about anything you like. Eniac supply templates to help you and lots of information and advice about designing from scratch. If you explain what you like, we will send preliminary designs, so you can see how your cards will look. Once we find the design, we will send you final art proofs.

Many things can be done for your custom design cards and offer you the ability to really stand out in a crowd and excite your customers!

The front of the card can be designed with many different concepts and all the colors of the rainbow, plus startling metallic and high gloss reflective surfaces. All cards are opaque with the general terms and conditions (and other features) on the back.

Please Note : some place in front and back of gift card is reserved by Eniac, to communicate such messages as the general use of the card and printing shetac cobranded logo

361 Store
Bania Poosh

Prepaid Cards

Whether you need a card to be loaded once or many times, these cards use the EFT POS system to manage funds and monitor spending some special wallet such as student’s school wallet, close loop credit accounts, incentives, fuel cards, trip expenses, employee rewards, petty cash and much more.

Eniac Prepaid Card can be used to buy goods and services from businesses in shetac EFT POS network and it is RELOADABLE which means you can add extra funds to it, and it is RELOADABLE by a business throw points or promotion offers, where that business chooses to load additional value to the Prepaid Card via internet banking or EFT POS, it is a simple and convenient way for a business to reward you in accordance with any Promotional Offer or Marketing Schemes including Loyalty Schemes, they may choose to conduct, from time to time.

Danesh Card
Happy Card
Danesh Card

Digital Gift Cards

Nowadays, people prefer to use their phones or tablets for almost everything, including buying a present for a family, a friend, or a loved one. A digital gift card is a non-monetary gift redeemed online often by use of a computer or a mobile phone. It is non-physical and can also be used as a present or a gift instead of purchasing a real, physical present. Everyone can use a digital gift card, as long as the sender and the receiver both have a desktop computer or a laptop, or at least a mobile device.  Digital gift card information or codes can be printed, screen-capped from a phone, or downloaded via a smartphone app. It is user-friendly and doesn’t require technological proficiency for one to learn how to use it. One advantage of redeeming digital gift cards is that you can immediately send it to the recipient. A digital gift card allows an individual to avail of an e-gift card in the comfort of their home. It can be availed using either one’s mobile phone or desktop computer or laptop via different means, such as sending an e-mail or an SMS text, by using social media accounts, or using a smartphone app. Our loyal bank Digital Gift Card solution is a user-friendly system that enables consumers to purchase or spend a white-label digital gift card from a website or mobile app. There are various means to redeem it and it also offers express delivery, allowing customers to avail gift cards of their choice online, even for a last minute occasion.