Handheld Terminal

Eniac’s Hand Held Terminal Solutions

Connect every strand of your mobility platform for a simplified, integrated solution using our full line of mobile computers, off-the-shelf, end user apps, robust administration utilities and effortless app development tools.


In today's age of endless choices, customers want what they want – and they want it now. With Eniac portable solutions for Retail, you can exceed customer expectations, maximize Omni channel capabilities, and boost efficiency, productivity and profitability. Partner with the market leader in strategic, innovative, retail-specific solutions and gain the kind of visibility that enables your retail operation to win now and in the future.


Track the movement of all material handling equipment in your facility with incredible precision with equipment tracking solutions from Eniac. With our turnkey solutions you will have the real-time data you need to track and manage materials throughout your operation, while cutting costs and creating efficiency.

Warehouse Management

Whether you are responsible for a manufacturing warehouse, a distribution center, or managing inventory in your retail backroom, being well-connected and having visibility into all your assets, people, and processes at all times is crucial to having an integrated, productive, profitable, and compliant supply chain. Our Hand held solutions connect each operational area in your warehouse to give you the agility to realize transformational gains.

Field Mobility

Ensure flawless fulfillment from your floor to your customer's door by maximizing visibility into every leg of the journey. From proactive maintenance and route planning to final proof of delivery, your fleet will be operating at optimal efficiency to deliver fast, filled, on-time, and violation-free with our rugged, purpose-built hardware solutions.


Effectively tracking cargo from the moment it enters your yard to the moment it leaves is vital to running a safe, efficient and productive yard. Automated asset monitoring systems are the fastest, most efficient way to keep track of cargo and assets. With our mobile devices, locating technology, and Yard Management System you have the operational visibility to maximize space, resources, and time ultimately increasing throughput.


Medication administration can be time consuming and also present opportunities for error. With Eniac’s mobile collection and barcode scanning solutions, nurses can scan the patient's wristband and their medication to confirm a match, ensuring the right patient receives the right medication at the right time.