Hotel Reservation Panel

Eniac's Hotel Reservation Panel

Whether a hotel has its own reservation management system or not, we offer a solution as an extranet that will run the main operations of a hotel manager for online booking. We can also offer a comprehensive integration with Hotel Property Management System (PMS) to manage its board through panel while managing online bookings. The back office is easy to use, complete and provides intuitive and detailed reports to help control and manage the system. Our solution for online hotel management has also embedded widgets allowing you to easily integrate the booking engine with hotelier’s own existing website. This feature gives the possibility to embed the script into existing site. Our powerful administrator panel and online reservation tools at the back-end provides the service for hotel chains which have more than one hotel or website.

Room Rates
  • Create any number of rate codes.
  • Rates can be per room or per person.
  • Charge different rates for this year and next year.
  • Copy rates and increase/decrease by a percentage or fixed amount.
  • Rates can be changed quickly and easily for any day or block of days.
  • Rates can be Seasonal (calendar dates), Flexi-Rate (calendar dates with different rate at weekends), or Day-Week-Month.
  • Property owners can have several rate codes for the same room type, and the rates can be different types.
  • Rates can be increased/decreased globally (all rates) by a percentage or fixed amount.
  • Check or view availability (inventory) either as a calendar or bulk update.
  • Set different allocations for agents and corporate clients.
Management & Reports
  • Full range of reports for reservations and financial.
  • Set agents/corporate client rate code, room allocation and commission.
  • Allow selected agents/corporate clients to login and make/change/cancel reservations based on their rate code and allocations.
Email & Miscellaneous
  • Send reservation confirmation by email.
  • Send personalized email to a guest or mailing lists.
  • Automatically send pre-arrival and post-departure email to guests.


  1. Create new reservations.
  2. Change and cancel reservations.
  3. Save full guest details.
  4. Add meals and optional extras to reservations. These can be charged per room per night, per person per night, per person or per booking.