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Transform your insurance business with mobile technology

We help your customers, brokers and agents manage their insurance and prospect information on the go, anytime, anywhere so that they can do their business more effectively. Today’s consumer is becoming increasingly dependent on mobile devices and insurers must find ways to satisfy this increasing demand for mobile capabilities.

Mobile Solutions for Insurance

Our insurance mobile app is a great channel for insurance companies to help customers with more self-service options and increase insurance agent productivity by helping those close opportunities faster.

This app “Bimeh” is a comprehensive solution for online insurance evaluation and sales under the oversight of Central Insurance of IRAN. We are now offering every type of insurance such as auto, liability compensation, property, travel and fire insurances.

One of the most important facilities is smart comparing and selecting convenient service among insurance provider. Issuing of purchased insurance services is being performed online with free delivery.

Eniac’s Mobile Solution for Insurance includes a Customer Self-Service App which helps customers a superior insurance service through a highly personalized mobile app experience as a broker of insurance suppliers through which insurance products are easily traceable with confidence.

Features of Insurance App

Search engine within all insurance products from every providers

App user is able to search online available insurance products and compare them to reach the suitable and best price ever.

Quote Generation

Comparison among various prices came from leading insurance provider’s core systems by covering policy details, calculating customer’s or product details based on his previous insurances.

Comparison among all of insurance companies

Since every insurance supplier has different prices, application would compare and show the prices until the user can pick the best.

Online and immediate insurance issuing

Enjoy your online insurance issuing right after choosing the convenient product with a single tap

Free delivery in you desired location

No matter where you are or what is your suggestion for delivery. You will receive your insurance box in desired location.

Policy Management

Allows policy holders to access account and policy details, set reminders and generate certificates

Multiple Policy Linkage

Customers can link their multiple policies to one account and manage it with ease


Customers can pay their premiums, create payment schedules, receive premium notifications and view payment history

Multiple Transactions

Allows users to renew and book certain insurance covers from the app itself using his E-wallet, loyalty points and debit card (Shetab card).

24 hours insurance sale

No limitation for issuing insurance in times. Application works 24 hours a week.

Help and support

Our call center is ready to communicate with you in need besides there is a great help center inside the app.


Ease & Security

Helping customers enroll policies in minutes with secure payment facility

In-app Notifications

For delivering important alerts immediately on customer smartphones

Integration with Existing Backend

To ensure there are no data corruptions or leakage issues

Campaign Management Facility

For running targeted campaigns and offers

Faster Time to Market

Leveraging our existing app assets