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What's in a Loyalty App

The loyalty options available for businesses are either paper cards or plastic point of sale cards. The benefit of paper cards are they are cheap and easy to implement. The downside is that for a business, they don’t know who has them, and for users they lose and forget them. Plastic loyalty cards are much better however they are very expensive and difficult to implement. There are barriers to customers joining up as they often involve lengthy form filling. Then on top of all this, customers still have to carry their cards around with them.

Loyalty Integrations : We can link your loyalty customers directly into your preferred campaign email app such as Mailchimp or Active Campaign. As customers join your loyalty offer they will automatically appear in your email list. If you want a specific report for your business we can setup a link into a spreadsheet and even email it every day or week.

shetac integrates into hundreds of apps that you use everyday in your business. We can set these up quickly and handle all the technical stuff for you.

Eniac loyalty app has the benefits of both these systems without the problems attached. It is inexpensive to implement, links up your customer and transactions and your customers will never lose or forget their loyalty card again. Simply put, the loyalty card app is a win-win for everyone!

The Eniac loyaltyapp ( shetac) can also be used for a simple membership or VIP discount club – just contact us and we’ll show you how.

Award Winning

shetac is the ultimate loyalty card app that puts some points& bonus style cards onto your customer smart phones but it offers you much more!! A simple and intuitive main menu easily allows the user to interact with the app. We are driven by simplicity.

Intuitive Design

Not only can we provide a physical card but shetac App also works with points. This allows your customers to collect loyalty points based on monetary spend and accumulating points towards rewards and prizes. Additionally there is no need to have expensive integrations or hardware such as tablets to run these programs. Secure validation is all done through our unique and innovative EFT POS device.

Loyalty App

shetac is a revolutionary new product that allows customers to store all their cards in one place – on their smartphone. Not only that, users can search to see which other retailers in the area are running offers and they can join with one touch. The traditional mobile app or plastic card is easily recognized and understood by customers and staff alike.

The Simple Loyalty App & Platform

  • Increase Sales

    Loyalty Card Apps are a proven way to get more and new customers by simply rewarding your customer's loyalty.

  • Gain Insights

    Monitor and analyse your best customers activity through our easy to use web based dashboard.

  • Secure

    Highly secure validation of stamps/points using our proprietary loyalty beacons or our patent pending device called Stamp Mate.

  • Communicate

    Send emails, sms and push notifications. Full access to your customer database. Use our messaging platform or export to your own.

  • Get Found

    Your offers, deals, promotions and brand can be easily found through our loyalty card app providing local users with the content that is relevant to them.

It's more than just a Loyalty App, here's what you also get...

Communication Platform

Automatic In-Store

Using the latest iBeacon technology you can push out automatic messages to your customers when they are within your business or even walking by. This close proximity geo-fenced messaging provides a new and unique way to interact with your customers.

Automatic Engagement

We set-up continuous campaigns which run in the background. These include: 1. A birthday club sending out an SMS 7 days before a customer's big day 2. Requesting a review from your active customers, with a direct link to your preferred review page such as facebook or yelp etc 3. After X purchases, asking for a Facebook like 4. Setting geofences around your business at certain times to promote things like lunch menus or offers you may have

Push, SMS & Email

Messages are a simple way to reach out to your customers. Our system has Push Notifications and SMS built in. We also integrate into your preferred campaign email and CRM platforms such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact and SalesForce

Receiving Loyalty Points


For ease of use we can also provide a unique bar code for backup validation and also integrated into you ePOS system.


Eniac provides uniquely secure validation that is not available with other loyalty apps and programs.

Actionable Insights


The shetac loyalty app and solution provides you with your own web-based dashboard. You can analyze your loyalty app usage and activities over different venues, offers and time-frames. Providing you with unique insights and in-depth analysis.


Your full customer database is also available including all known contact details of your loyal customers. Unlike some others we give you full access to your customers information.

Customer Sign Up Tools

Branded Registration Page

We provide an integrated web page to your offers on the Happy Card website, that you can promote and provide links to. This provides your customers with an easy sign-up method to your offers.

In Store Marketing Materials

We help design and provide uniquely branded marketing materials to help promote your program in-store directly to your customers. We have a range of posters, stickers and hand-out materials along with buttons and images for your websites and social media.

Customer Loyalty In your Hands.

Getting that customer to come one more time to your store and one less time to your competitor's is how the battle will be won or lost.

Travel Agancy Reward Digital Loyalty Card

Beauty Salon Reward Digital Loyalty Card

Coffee Shop Reward Digital Loyalty Card

Restaurant Multi Reward Digital Loyalty Card

Spa Parlor Reward digital Loyalty Card

Sport Complex Reward Digital Loyalty Card

Loyalty Tools for Brands and Agencies

Your Brand. Our Platform.

We provide brands, franchises and agencies with enterprise loyalty marketing tools including your own brand, private label solutions.

One of the big benefits of licensing our technology is that we also operate a loyalty platform and you gain from our expertise, learning, continual product development and on-going support. The applications can be in your own language preference. shetac now has more than 30,000 brand customers around the country.

We build your own brand applications on top of our award winning platform which provides your customers with your own brand experience powered by our loyalty technology.

Private Label Solutions

Eniac can create and develop your own private label, own brand loyalty solution. Using our award winning technology we can build you own applications and platform. We’ve created private label solutions for brands, franchises and agencies throughout the world.

Product Loyalty

Using our Loyalty Engine we can provide solutions to allow brand managers to connect to their end-users and customers. This bypasses the need to engage with the retailer or distribution partner. Placement of unique product codes on or inside the packaging, allow for easy to implement and simple to operate loyalty programs. This allows the brand to build client insights and connections.

Receipt Loyalty

Utilizing the latest machine learning and image recognition technology we can create unique loyalty solutions that allow customers to scan receipts to receive points and rewards. Along with value spend the Receipt Loyalty Engine can also pick out product purchases and basket of good data.

Loyalty Validator

Eniac has developed unique Loyalty Validator. This has the ability to take disparate data points and pass through our validation engine to produce a connected view of the customer data allowing points and rewards to be allocated. These data streams could include receipt, invoice, crm, transactional and other data streams. We do this through our SHETAK clearing house.

Loyalty Consultancy & Design

We have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience that can help you design and implement your programs. We are also data experts. Using the latest business analytic tools and methodologies we can provide deep insights and visualizations of your loyalty data.

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