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Merchant Management System (MMS)

Merchant Management Systems (MMS) is one of the nation's fastest growing and most aggressive electronic payment providers serving the market place today. MMS offers a wide array of payment vehicles including credit and debit card processing, check conversion, gift and loyalty card processing and electronic benefits transfer with the utmost in speed, reliability and flexibility. MMS is dedicated to providing services with an absolute commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Eniac, operates as an electronic payment provider. The company offers payment vehicles, including card processing solutions, gift and loyalty programs, prepaid debit cards, debit card processing, POS equipment and POS software. Eniac Tech has strategic partnerships with Iranian Banks and payment service provider companies.

Merchant Acquiring

Acquirers need to offer competitive terms to merchants in order to attract them, and to provide good service to retain them. Acquirers therefore have to maximize their customer service while continuing to optimize their revenue and effectively manage costs.

The globalization of the banking industry, the continuing shift from cash to electronic payment and increasing regulatory pressures are placing demands on acquiring businesses to compete more effectively in the market and to improve their operational efficiency.

Eniac Tech has more than 15 years of experience in providing acquirers with the capability to implement and manage merchant agreements with a wide range of solutions based on customer needs.

Eniac's dependable, reliable and robust solutions help acquirers to grow and to introduce improved efficiency into their operations.

Payment Processing

The Merchant Management System is designed to show our Merchants real time transaction information that has been generated from the payment transaction gateways (POS, IPG, IVR, Mobile, and Kiosk).

All reports include the ability to see all historical transaction information, supporting operation information and all objects or tickets that generated for merchant in call center. As well as detailed transaction and operation receipts – all reports can be downloaded in PDF or excel format for ease of accountancy and reconciliation. The MMS can be searched and sorted by a number of different criteria – including dates, amounts, authorizations, declines, and customer names.

The Merchant Management System is a powerful tool that enables the operation team to monitor all transactions that pass through the Eniac’s Gateways. Also the system provides the Merchant with access to various reports including transaction history and transaction summaries at no extra cost to subscribing.

MMS Software's Overview

Transaction Reports
Ticket management
ERP Integration
Report Management
Schedule maintenance
Marketing & Contract Management
Help Desk