Merchant Management

Eniac's Merchant Management System


As a bank or non banking organization, you can choose the services you want to outsource in a cost-efficient way. Our acquiring processing services cover the complete acquiring processing value chain.

Eniac is more than a payment services provider. Eniac is your industrial partner with operational excellence and the long-term capacity to adapt to market evolutions, helping you, the acquirers, control the costs of compliance and profiting from economies of scale. 


Value added services are important for large retailers operating in country.

These services offer a centralized online access to electronic transactions by using a variety of self-service-tools and fraud prevention solutions.

Particular Features

Highly skilled staff to
  1. implement and maintain local and international protocols and security requirements
Fully owned Acquiring services
  1. own software assets implemented in own processing centers and at the acquirers’
Your business benefits
  1. Increased merchant attractiveness
  2. Reinforced merchant satisfaction
  3. Increased volumes of transactions
  4. Personalized services
  5. Cost-adapted to your business

Eniac Merchant Management services

Our Merchant Management services enable acquiring banks or PSPs to manage the entire gamut of merchant related activities in an integrated way. Acquirers can enroll merchants, query transaction history, manage fees, track terminal inventory, assess risks and generate settlements.

Convenient, browser based front-end makes the system readily accessible, securely over Internet / Intranet. The application is highly configurable, process driven, and is customizable as per requirements.

Automated processes are setup for batch posting of transactions from the host and interchanges; settlement reports/data could be extracted in custom formats and transmitted securely to pre-designated mail ids. Dispute handling, charge-back generation, risk evaluation, terminal inventory reporting are standard features.

Eniac provides 24X7 technical supports through a dedicated and trained technical team.

Eniac's Advantages

  1. Service can be rolled out quickly.
  2. Highly available system hosted in a Tier 3 Data Center.
  3. Modular design.
  4. Allows Data inputs through GUI as well as batch file uploads.
  5. Highly configurable process flow.
  6. Can be Customized for specific requirements.
  7. 24×7 Callcenter & helpdesk support.


  1. End-to-end merchant acquiring and service management- from enrollment to settlement.
  2. Supports multi-currency, exchange rates, and flexible currency conversion.
  3. Risk assessment during merchant registrations, as also ongoing continuous risk assessment.
  4. Merchant performance metrics.
  5. Terminal inventory management.
  6. Dispute management, charge-backs.
  7. Merchant settlement, statements.
  8. Flexible workflow management for transactions meeting risk criteria.
  9. Accounting and reconciliation functions.

Merchant Management Solution

Our enterprise terminal and merchant management systems is suite of applications, services and resources that together implement a flexible platform that powers your Remote Terminal Management business.  Whether you are managing complete software updates, or configuring a single terminal or a bulk of terminal groups, our management solution makes it simple. It allows for efficient software download, parameter synchronization, problem diagnostics or estate information management, and scales from small to large installations with multiple communication servers. This powerful and dynamic management solution includes:

A central database to store all pertinent information about your terminal estate A Communication Server to handle concurrent terminal calls A Job Manager application to provides the user IO for the terminal management operators A  webserver application that allows you to manage your own terminal estate from a convenient web-based portal An Active Load Dispenser service to let you schedule your updates by individual time schedules, network or server capacity, terminal types, etc.  Reporting services and reports provides transparency about the system performance and your terminal estate

Supporting Various Type Of Terminals

Eniac terminal and merchant management system supports a variety of a lot of terminal types, including dialup , IP , GPRS and cashier integrated EFT/terminals as well as many peripherals devices such as PIN pads, contactless readers, and modem or ISDN modules.

We also support

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