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Mobile Payment

Mobile devices have changed our world. They have redefined how, where and when we interact with the online world. PC’s are no longer the dominant device for online commerce and the consumer experience on a mobile device will increasingly determine the success for online merchants.

If you don't accept mobile payments yet, you are limiting your customer base. Research shows that smartphones are saturating the market with their new bringing technology. These figures point towards a growing trend where more and more consumers will be able to make payments using their phone in the near future.

We provide specific mobile app for various shops and brands due to our client needs, it provides and support from design to launch to the market in two different type; customer and merchant version.

How Do QR Codes Work for Payments?

QR codes have many different uses, but one of the most popular uses is to make payments using a mobile device.

One way of making mobile payments in-store is by using QR codes. All you need is a mobile phone with a camera, and a mobile app that can scan, store, and share QR codes.
Eniac Tech offers its mobile app to the banks and it offers through the banks to their customers

Electronic and mobile pay are becoming increasingly common as the public aims to reduce its dependency on plastic cards and paper cash. After the payment industry’s longstanding success with the utilization of QR Code Eniac has developed a comprehensive QR payment solution for both merchants and card holders. Merchants can register for QR-based payments, and Eniac’s Mobile Back Office will generate a unique QR code for each merchant so they have had their dedicated QR code for their store.

It is possible for merchants to add payment QR Codes on their bill through their cash register support company. This code included merchant code and bill amount.

Card holder’s Mobile App

The card holders just need to download the Eniac Mobile App on their smart phones after that in shopping time its mobile is ready to check out at the merchant's counter, or check out the bill for the simple pay! All they have to do is scan the merchant’s dedicated QR code or scan QR code on their bill and complete the payment by entering pin code. It’s very simple way to pay because there is no need to enter the price for paying bill; it reduces the risk of mistakes in payment operations.

How does it work for customer?
  1. Set up application on your cellphone
  2. Receive identification code and activate it
  3. Set up banks cards on it (several card allowed)
  4. Scan the store’s QR barcode or bills barcode
  5. Enter the second password
  6. Shop and finishing the process
Card Holder Advantages
  1. Easy to set up
  2. No needs to carry several cards
  3. Fast and secure payments
  4. One-touch payment
  5. New marketing and advertisement infrastructure
  6. New shopping style
  7. Make advertisements your sales channel
  8. View account report
  1. Money transfer in closed loop
  2. Improves cash flow
  3. Quick barcode scanner (ability to scan bill barcode for quicker payment)
  4. Getting score (possibility of getting score by doing transaction or suggestion to friends)
  5. (Ability to scan bill barcode for quicker payment)
  6. Check out the list of vendors and their location on map
  7. Use other value added services
  8. Manage several bank cards

Merchant’s Mobile App

Our Mobile App has everything you need to offer your customers simple payments via Eniac Mobile App With our free App. The app enables Merchant to easily monitoring payments in all of your stores and gives you access to a complete overview of your on time or day-to-day transactions. Combined with the online Eniac’s Mobile Pay administration portal, Our Mobile App gives you the most simple and flexible payment solution on the market.

We know that you care about your customers. Our Mobile App (merchant), in addition to mobile payment technology, it provides customer-oriented features and different promotions for your business.

How does it work for merchants?

  1. Shop-specific bar code

    By having your own dedicated store code, you will no longer need card reader devices (POS). The purchase process is easily accomplished by scanning a bar code and entering the second bank card’s password.

  2. Issuing digital invoice for customers

    In addition to scanning a customer-specific barcode, merchants can identify customers and send the digital invoice only by entering the mobile number.

  3. Successful payment notification

    After payment, the payment will be displayed to the merchants and card holder

  4. Manage bank cards

    to use the mobile app features, such as buying a charge and paying a bill, it’s enough to fill in your bank’s card information once.

  5. Assign discount’s coupon

    After defining discount coupons in the mobile app, merchants can give their customers various discount coupons.

  6. Send message and suggestion

    By using app’s messaging and notification system, merchants can inform customers from their discounts and new products.

  7. Registration and activation

Merchant’s Advantages

  1. Gives you a complete overview of your sales in all stores
  2. Automatically notifies you when you receive payments
  3. The unique barcode of each store / seller
  4. Digital Invoice
  5. Send messages to customers
  6. Discount information and store’s special promotions
  7. Discounting and applying it on purchase
  8. View customers list
In addition to the above, there are other services in Eniac’s Mobile app:
  • Insurance
  • Flight
  • Hotel
  • Car Rental
  • Train
  • Donation
  • Top Up
  • Loyalty
  • Bill Payment
  • Wallet