Payment Network

Eniac POS Network

Transaction infrastructure made faster and smarter

Think of your transaction framework as if it were an engine. Is it running at peak performance? Or can the speed and capacity of your payments use a boost?

Eniac POS network is a system of hardware and software engineered to cost-effectively scale your existing infrastructure without the need for expensive upgrades. It delivers unprecedented execution in high-density, multifunctional, point of sale network access control. Simultaneously route thousands of transactions quickly, securely, and reliably with INGENICO blades and MPLS telecommunication infrastructure. Move, Manage, and Maximize Your Transactions Transporting transactions can be complex, requiring a great deal of security and the ability to employ diverse routes to reach multiple destinations, especially during peak periods. As a result, payment processors often need to impose rules that govern transactions unique to their businesses. Our POS network recognizes this need and is fully configurable, allowing processors to incorporate specific business logic that controls how and where transactions are processed. In addition, software enterprise enable users to further manage and personalize the experience via consolidated reporting and diagnostic functions, as well as data analysis. Get more from your existing infrastructure and maximize the way you transport transactions with Eniac pos special network.

Proven Performance, Reliability, and Security

The Eniac POS network solution has been built to the highest standards to ensure unrivaled speed and security. It’s fully managed networking capabilities support all point of sale devices, providing ultimate reliability and the highest level of uptime due to its hardened equipment, fault-tolerant software, and redundant expansion capabilities.

Full Network Visibility

Our NCC Blades an integrated network management and reporting system is the software component included with NCC devices. It allows payment processors to monitor their transaction systems to ensure their infrastructure is operating at its peak performance. With our back office they can Manage our NCC device(s) to easily configure how transactions are processed, Perform key and critical functions that consolidate reporting and diagnostic functions, Simplify they ability to implement complex configurations specific to business.

Intelligent Control

Use our Pos network’s fully configurable network management functions for business logic, and increase the speed and capacity of your current transaction processing system. The system is 100% content-aware, our blades scan various data points within each transaction and then applies client-configured rules to manage how each transaction is processed. Simply determine where and how it should be processed, taking pressure off host platforms while improving speed, security, and reliability with our network.

Clarity at the Transaction Level

Use real-time data to generate reports and perform deep-dive statistical analyses to discover trends, monitor performance, and diagnose potential system issues, or view details regarding individual transactions. You can also Set threshold alarms to avoid transport bottlenecks, Set alerts to notify you of transaction errors, Export data into commonly used software packages, such as Microsoft Excel and Access, for further analysis

Eniac Installed Pos Network

As you can see below chart we successfully maintain over 230,000 POS’s, utilizing fully automated business process management. We are constantly updating and improving functionalities, and bringing added value to our Clients, by tracking latest world trends and significantly investing in R&D