Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment

Eniac is a specialist technology company that focuses on the new and exciting area of Mobile Payments and QR Codes. We offer a range of QR Code related products including card holder app, merchant app and our exclusive mobile API.

We are a leader of technology for multifunctional mobile payment solutions and offer a complete program of products and complementary solutions.

Eniac group offers the entire range of products for mobile payment solutions. We provide all the relevant services, including card issue, card acceptance (acquiring), back end processes and a call center. With our innovative products, we guarantee secure data and payment transfer. All solutions are easy to use, with multilingual system connections and are fully available as white label solutions. They are suitable for every business model. The mobile card reader allows smaller retailers, in particular, to offer their customers increased payment convenience.

Eniac Pay

Card Holder APP

Eniac offers a mobile payment processing solution that enables individuals and businesses to make and receive payments with QR Codes smart phone applications.

Merchant APP or Merchant Cash Register Web-Service

Eniac Merchant APP is a Smart Phone Application which enables users to Scan, Store and Share their QR Code and Barcode scans. Our mobile app includes secure payment solution that enables individuals and businesses to make payments via QR Codes and mobile phones.

Tracking Service

As mobile pay are used more in marketing activities it is essential for marketers to have the ability to measure and track the effectiveness of these campaigns. Eniac mobile payment solution helps businesses and marketing departments to generate QR Codes and then fully track these Campaigns. This complete tracking solution enables a detailed statistic view of exactly what their QR Campaign has achieved and the return on investment.

Eniac Exclusive Mobile API

We have developed a fully featured API that allows developers to integrate with our systems. Currently the API serves our mobile application and provides an interface (if required) to our card holder app Track service. This gives our mobile payment solution, Track a vast advantage against the competition as it allows our service to be integrated into 3rd party systems.

How to provide QR code payment?

To provide our QR mobile payment in your shop you don’t need to make any modifications in your payment system.

Eniac’s call center agents are available for all Customers to register and activate by sending our QR code or POS integration.

You don’t have to pay any additional fees or charges – Our mobile payment service is available in standard e-transfer price.

QR Code Can Be Displayed On

In Customer Displays

QR code payment advantages


    You don’t have to pay any additional fees or charges for using QR code payment.


    It’s easy as 1, 2 and 3 – choose, scan and confirm to finalize transaction.

    You just need your smartphone to pay, no further devices and processes.

    Payment details, title and amount are automatically filled in – there are no mistakes.


    Bank mobile apps offer the highest standards of security and safety.