Payment Service Provider

Payment processing services

A Payment Service Provider (PSP) is a center that enables the connection between an online shop and other market participants such as banks or card holders. The merchant profits from services such as risk management, reporting or fraud protection and, in addition, is relieved from the safety requirements of the card industry. The PSP offers various services concerning the acceptance of electronic payments and integrates different payment methods such as debit cards, bank payment, e-banking and e-Wallets. Usually a PSP is not bound to an Acquirer or a payment network. This permits the integration of several different national and international payment methods over just one PSP.

It is in the position of "market leader" with its more than 200 thousand brand-independent POS terminals and its POS practices exceeding 1.2 million, in respect of services regarding field installation of POS terminals, training, failure-maintenance and repair, which it provides to the most important banks in Iran.

Our Payment Service

With Eniac Tech POS payment solutions, merchants are able to provide their customers with value-added services that effectively address customer demand and satisfaction. Eniac Tech ‘s state-of-the-art technology for POS terminals provide merchants with a range of flexible payment options for various industry segments, making Eniac a leading point-of-sale service provider in Iran.

For cashless payment processing at every point of sale, we offer a wide range of latest generation industry-specific terminals via our subsidiary, Eniac Services: fixed (also payments via NFC), portable and mobile. As a result, Eniac is able to meet the specific requirements of each individual business, from local shops and restaurants to portable pos for taxi drivers, couriers and delivery services.

Our POS terminals are the easiest and quickest methods for processing card payments. Via the Shaparak-licensed central bank of Iran, Eniac Payment Services allows acceptance of all Iranian local banks card. In addition, Eniac offers a very effective customer loyalty tool with its personalised card products.

Eniac supplies the necessary national payment solutions, as well as the relevant services for all major currencies. We find the best solution for you, tailored to your business model and target markets, enabling simple and reliable payment for customers while at the same time optimally protecting yourself against payment default.

Our solutions are reliable, cost-effective and transparent. They can be easily integrated into existing IT structures and company processes.



Stationary terminals offer the most comfortable and convenient user experience. They are the first choice for fixed location payment processing - with a direct power source and data link.


Mobile and portable terminals provide ease of payment – wherever you and your customers require. Equipped with Bluetooth or GPRS and the latest encryption technology, they enable secure card payments where it’s most convenient.