Point Management & Clearing House

Eniac's Point Management Services

The loyalty programs allow customers to acquire points as they purchase products. These points can be applied to payments for future purchases, discount or cash rebates. The rewards or points can also be redeemed for specific goods or services. The principle of a loyalty program is to maintain an existing customer base as it is more expensive to bring in new customers than to maintain existing ones. The programs also motivate the customer to buy and they make use of the programs' remaining resources to acquire new customers.

Moreover loyalty program serves the mentioned service, our clearinghouse core is always perform and manage the clearing service amongst those programs.

Point settlement process

Supposing a system for exchanging and valuing points or rewards from a single system to plurality of loyalty clients using a “settlement point” in a clearinghouse to settle, convert credit and debit points between accounts regardless of the type of goods or services. The points are underwritten using assets and guarantees held by a responsible operator, relying on actuarial estimates of redemption.


Eniac clearing house core

The main aspects of our system is to create “settlement points” that are exchangeable against the points from a plurality of loyalty programs. The settlement points are managed through a clearing house. Eniac clearinghouse (shetac) provides the ability to settle, convert credit and debit points between accounts maintained by member merchants or customers. Eniac reward points system gives you the ability to implement unique programs that enhance user experience and increase customer loyalty. You can set up points to be awarded based on a wide range of transaction and customer activities. And control the point allotment, balance, and expiration. Customers can redeem points toward purchases, based on the conversion rate that you establish between reward points and currency. Processing and clearing solutions offered by our clearance manages flows between the merchant’s back office panel and our clearing platform which can be exchanged, calculated every month in a real time process giving the customers ready access to clearing in product or service mode.

Eniac clearing house responsibility

As a clearing house takes the opposite position of each side of a trade between two parties, of our clearing house acts as the middle identification on behalf of both parties. The purpose of a clearing house, therefore, is to improve the efficiency of the markets and add stability to the financial system.

The futures market is most commonly associated with a clearing house, since its financial products are complicated and require a stable intermediary.