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POS Application

Eniac Tech is the leader and one of the largest suppliers of banking and payment solutions for Iranian banks and payment companies. Eniac supplies EFT-POS terminal equipment, payment switch, software applications including POS application for a various type of POS brands like igenico , verifone , Sagem , Castle , Bitel and pax also Terminal management and remote uploading applications, Merchant management and acquiring management systems. Eniac Tech installed more than 230,000 POS around Iran.

Terminals Software Features
  1. Provide the usual facilities required by POS banks such as purchasing, inventory, paying bills and more.
  2. Provide services to subscribers
  3. Ability to identify the card and terminals mutually
  4. Possibility to see turnover at the terminal level
  5. Possibility to print receipts for operations
  6. Automatic transfer of terminal turns to central system
  7. Ability to display account balance of merchants
  8. Possibility to save& maintain the center’s phone numbers
  9. Ability to display and set the date and time
  10. Possibility to control latency in relation to the transmission of information
  11. Roll request
  12. Connect to PC POS
Our points of view on POS software production
  1. Possibility to define specific projects using PSP facilities and banks requests
  2. Possibility to define future bank requirements by PSP and implement it
  3. Definition and implementation of normal POS facilities like other banks, such as purchasing, statement, printing of last transactions and ...
  4. Possibility of defining special features on POS to take advantage of the TMS benefits of ENIAC Tech
  5. Controlling Traveller's Cheque with availability of bank’s black list
Possibility to provide various reports including:
  1. Reporting of successful POS transactions with ability to store 200 last transactions
  2. Successful and unsuccessful charge transaction report
  3. Reporting from unsuccessful POS transactions
  4. Possibility to report POS errors (switch errors, system-related errors, communication errors).
  5. Device hardware status report
  6. Intelligent management (Smart Maint) automatically and manually
  7. POS clock set from the switch clock automatically
  8. Reprint the latest receipts
  9. Possibility to load bank details and keys completely and automatically by connecting to the PSP server, with observing all security tips for switching keys
Possibility to provide various reports including:
  1. Possibility to provide specific POS Application based on the banks or PSPs needs or any complex
  2. Ability to define multiple applications in the sales terminal device, an application for each bank.
  3. Billing 10 Final Bank’s Card transaction
  4. Billing payments such as water, electricity, gas, landline, mobile phone and municipal charges
  5. Return of goods in general or part of that.
  6. Top Up facilities

Other Features

In addition to the above, it is possible to execute and implement any kind of new services based on banks need. Also ENIAC’s provided software can also implement the various protocols of the types of bank switches.