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Eniac Card management and Processing Service

Eniac processing Services

Shetab cards have become the preferred payment modes for many customers, who often view paper money as a thing of the past. With Eniac’s card processing services, financial institutions are empowered to manage transactions more efficiently, reduce losses due to card fraud and offer customers reliable, secure and increasingly personalized communication.

Eniac tech offers banks and financial institutions a wide range of payment solutions, enabling them to provide fast, secure and reliable business services for clients.

Our Processing Center

Eniac Payment Processing Services offer a multi-layered, new generation processing center that allows banks and financial organization to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing while sharing administrative responsibility and points.

We are the trusted, long term partner for different types of organizations with various processing needs. Whether it’s outsourcing processing operations for handling traditional payments more efficiently, or increasing customer loyalty or improving public service quality, we provide the necessary infrastructure to help your organization to maintain a competitive edge.

Our Advantages
  • Experienced technical and operations team
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • 10+ live customers
  • Processing over 50 million transactions monthly