Production Tracing

Production Tracking and Tracing

Use automatic identification systems base on barcode or RF/ID to track and trace items, products or items across the production line and supply chain. Our solutions allows you to streamline fulfillment, reducing instances Knowing how many products or component you have, and their location at all times provides for complete inventory transparency, where items are out of stock or unavailable, you can gain better insights into the performance of your business.

Traceability and Data Capture

“Achieve end-to-end visibility” Eniac enterprise tracing package enables manufacturers to log every item that has been scanned and link them to assemblies or groups. The software is ideally enabled to track individual components in huge assemblies making recall actions and tracking of quality escapes quick, efficient and cost-effective. Rather than recalling an entire fleet of products, by instantly identifying the specific product containing a possible defect component, the software ensures quick solutions to critical issues

Production Data Monitoring

“Monitor your supply chain” Manufacturing data is essential for a modern production facility to improve quality and reduce scrap rates, rework and product recalls. Traceability is provided throughout the component manufacture and the product life-cycle, not just for materials but for all manufacturing variables that need to be monitored. Processes and components can be scanned via permanent marks, labels, barcodes, human readable text or RFID tags.

Controlled Processes

“Improves accuracy” The analysis of a component in each step of the manufacturing process allows not only to monitor the process and the traceability of the manufacturing data, but also to prevent the occurrence of manufacturing errors. You can easily be configured Checks are made to ensure that all necessary steps were performed before starting the next process.

How it Works?

Data is captured through simple interface devices during each step the production process

The software relays the information in real-time to your internal business systems such as Fusion

Data is integrated with third-party systems to streamline information across the supply chain

Effective reporting and analysis of data allows immediate changes to the production line