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The best way to lower your total cost of ownership

Our Terminal Manager software is a state-of-the-art, web-based solution used for facilitating, monitoring and controlling the distribution of products in a bulk terminal. The application monitors and controls all critical processes to ensure smooth and safe terminal operation.

Eniac's Terminal Manager software manages critical issues faced by bulk terminals such as complexity in handling multiple products and regulatory requirements, while improving safety and productivity.

Our TMS is crucial to the management, control and upkeep of POS terminals that we have installed across the Provinces of the country.

Features and functionality of the software
  1. Updating a set of terminals without intervention on the part of the purchaser or the bank
  2. A simple way of carrying out migration campaigns (bank card, private applications,...)
  3. Tracking developments in your terminal estate (by terminal type, by family, by bank,...) Scalability
  4. Management of your all type of terminal estate, at all levels.
TMS Advantages
  1. Easy to reconfigure the system
  2. Expandability. New modules can be added without interrupting the continuity of services.
  3. Recyclability. Modules can be used in other projects.
  4. Autonomic Computing; four aspect of self-management: Self-configuring, Self-optimizing, Self-healing, Self-protecting
  5. Network Management
  6. Flexibility. Terminals can be connected to LAN, PSTN or ISDN
Device Management This solution is typically adopted by acquirers, ISOs and Service providers and is aimed at a broad range of users:
  1. IT managers, looking to monitor the software status of the terminal estate and to optimize its performance by organizing update campaigns;
  2. Helpdesk agents, answering calls from merchants. IngEstate enables them to access information about specific terminals including configuration details. During helpdesk sessions, users can carry out instant software repairs and updates;
  3. Maintenance engineers, using IngEstate as a tool to analyze and repair a particular terminal in the field or from a remote location;
  4. Operations engineers, (re)configuring terminals in the warehouse before rollout.

NCC Network Communication Controller

The easiest way to improve the performance and reliability of transaction routing
Technical features of the application
  1. Remote access with TCP/IP over LAN, PSTN, ISDN, GSM/GPRS
Technical specifications of Key Asset
  1. Self-Installation and downloads
  2. Efficient Remote Access and management 
  3. Supports different type of terminals 
  4. Simultaneous parameter downloads 
  5. Compatible with ISO8583 messaging format 
  6. Multi-application support 
  7. Graphics Download (terminal supported) 
  8. Industry Standards with ODBC Database support (Oracle, SQL, Access and etc.)
  9. Multi-languages support
  10. Detailed reporting facility
  11. Detailed reporting facility