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Attract new customers and earn more profit with every Top-up transaction.

Leading Mobile Top up Solution for Prepaid Service Providers Offer Valuable Airtime Remittance Services to Any Mobile Provider
What is Top-Up?

The Top-up service allows you to recharge or buy airtime for a variety of prepaid mobile services. Eniac Tech Top-Up can be used by any business owner and it can be in a corner of newsstand, Supermarket, grocery store or even a taxi driver can use it simply.

Mobile Top Up

With the Eniac Mobile Top up Solution, you can offer your customers the ability to send mobile minutes to friends and family in other countries by purchasing airtime from mobile operators in the country. 

A fast and easy service within everyone’s reaches

Provide your customers with the opportunity to recharge and buy air-time from a variety of service providers around the world. Completely hassle-free and time saving!

It’s that easy!

Make Top-ups directly from your POS device or our other channels like IVR, Mobile App or Website. All you need to do in advance is to make sure you have sufficient funds in your settlement account for the specific device. The amount is withdrawn from your settlement account and you receive a transaction with your commission. Your customer pays you in cash and you provide them with a paper or electronic receipt for the service.

Erica's voucher and TOP UP core has connections with 4 mobile operators in the country! Take advantage of this and get paid directly in your device account.

Attract Customers and Drive Revenue with Best Value Transfer

When selecting a transfer service from which to obtain airtime, the Eniac Mobile Top up Solution automatically selects the most cost-effective, which enables you to minimize the cost per transaction? You can pass these cost-savings along to your customers or increase your profit per transaction, maximizing the value of each transfer. This process is referred to as ‘Best Value Transfer, which is the Eniac Mobile Top Up equivalent of least cost routing.

Multiple and Versatile Payment Options

By allowing customers to make payments in a variety of ways, the Eniac Mobile Top up Solution helps you access otherwise hard to reach customers, such as those who lack reliable access to the Internet. E-store through the phone using IVR (interactive voice response) through your mobile app at retail locations through resellers

Flexible Reseller and Agent Management

Leverage a network of resellers in order to reach more customers. With Eniac’s Mobile Top up Solution, resellers are able to recharge customer accounts through your online portal by bank card or E-wallet.

Centralized Web Interface and Integrated Billing

AS an all-in-one platform, Eniac Mobile Top up Solution includes integrated billing and is easily managed from a user-friendly web interface.

Eniac’s e-Top up platform offers two key variants:
  1. Voucher Less e-Top Up: Most advanced and easy way for subscribers, channel partners and service providers to manage the top up process. No need for e-PINs or Vouchers with pre-fixed denominations. Customer’s account is topped up instantly against payment of any value made at a retail outlet. The retailer triggers a direct recharge of customer’s account using his mobile phone or other devices like POS or a computer enabling true ‘Anytime, Anywhere, Any Value Top up’.
  2. e-Voucher: A preferred way of recharge in some countries. An e-PIN is delivered via SMS to subscriber’s mobile phone, or is printed from a POS terminal against payment made at retail outlet. The subscriber then sends the e-PIN via USSD to the service provider’s top up application short code and their account is recharged.

Key Benefits to Service Providers

Reduced Costs and Increased Profits

Physical recharge cards or vouchers involve a significant cost towards printing, distribution, warehousing, transportation, damages and fraud. Such costs are eliminated in voucher less electronic recharge system resulting in increased margins and profits.

Improved Distribution Channel Experience

Service provider can have the required number of layers in the distribution hierarchy and can assign the desired parent-child relationships within each hierarchical tree and can assign scope of services authorized for each channel partner. The electronic stock delivery to the channel is instant, with no time lost in supply chain.

Enhanced Market Reach

The retail channel can easily be extended to cover more geographical locations even in remote areas wherever there is a mobile network available. Low entry costs for retailers, as all they need is a low cost mobile phone to start the business, helps expand reach.

Fast Response to Market Dynamics

The system offers flexibility to quickly configure and launch new service packages required to take the lead in market or quickly respond to market needs based on competition moves and strategies.

Enhanced Channel Motivation and Productivity

The channel gets immense benefits due to lower working capital required to run the business. Channel partners can buy small volumes of stock at a time with instant replenishments available, thus reducing working capital requirements. Additionally, the application provides a dynamic and flexible commission modules.

Powerful Online MIS

Real-time and online MIS available to the service provider and authorized channel partners with a view to real-time sales data helps decide and implement high performance product packaging and sales strategies leading to optimum productivity levels.

Value Added Modules

Several optional add-on modules are offered as optional modules to help our customers to get exactly what they need cost effectively.