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WEB BASED WHITE LABEL SOLUTIONS and mobile app add on’s.

Eniac is one of the few aggregators in Iran who has direct connectivity with all telecom providers across all circles and brings a unique proposition for all B2B, B2C players, banks and other providers in the country. 

We managed and operated a network of retail outlets which can quickly and cost-effectively deploy the top-up services without investing in expensive IT hardware or technical manpower resources. Eniac's web based white label solution provides a ready-made, fully integrated web solution with all the relevant functionality and modules to run a retail network. The solution is customized to enable the client to have their own branded web-based solution, hosted with their own domain name, to leverage their existing brand name in the market.

Manage your mobile top up business, get up and running in minutes.

API Docs

Focus on creating and growing your business, and we‘ll take care of engineering and updates, making sure you’ve got the best top up solution for your customers.

If you’d prefer to customize your projects directly, we offer a rest API solution for developers.Our platform is great for any size and any company type looking to sell mobile top ups through any sales channel.

Add mobile recharges to your services and increase your revenue with minimal upfront investments.

  1. Work under your own brand
  2. Customize all customer communications
  3. You have full control on your customer database
  4. Set the retail prices you want
  5. Enhance your offering
  6. Only your brand will be visible

Launch your own Website or mobile recharge label with our fully customizable merchant mobile recharge tools. B2B Website web service or with label , Mobile Recharge API and hosted Cloud Merchant POS can be fully customized to operate under your own name. Include marketing or useful information into the messages sent to your customers and recharge beneficiaries every time one of your customers sends a recharge. Eniac will operate in the background taking and executing orders for you transparently to the end user. Increase your brand awareness for better customer loyalty with your own mobile recharge operation.