Transaction Management

Eniac’s Transaction Management

Whether your need is to implement a Debit, Prepaid or Credit Card Issuing program or you want to acquire these card products through Points of Sale devices or other gateways such as IVR, Mobile, Eniac standard online authorization platforms and processes provide an efficient backbone that enables you deliver on your promises to your cardholders.

With over a decade’s experience in the Payment Card industry and because we understand the business climate and dynamics, Eniac tech is increasingly becoming the Processor of choice in Iran. Our scalable integrated systems are designed to support your business and technical needs and objectives in a most customer-centric way. Our commitment to our clients is to empower them to have greater financial control and flexibility over their payment card programs in a manner consistent with the needs and expectations of their customers. As a one-stop Processing services organization.

Our Offering’s Portfolio

Card Processing Services

Merchant Acquirer Processing

Card Personalization

Loyalty Services

Card Procurement

Creative solutions

Our Clearing & Settlement

Clearing and Settlement management is suitable for banks, processing centres and clearing houses which allow exchanging payments between financial institutions. Designed parametrically to support bank’s clearing systems the system also supports national clearing and settlements for local processing centres. Additionally, the system works perfectly for the banks that use the same processing centres which is described as the internal clearing. System manages incoming and outgoing file processes, validation, fee calculation, consolidation.

Our Transactions Management Features

Club’s Non-Banking Cards

As a non-bank issuers and provider of business credit cards we provide Non-Banking Cards such as Club Cards& Transportation cards, non banking Gift Cards.... Non-bank Club cards is one of the fastest growing credit card types around. Today, many companies offer credit cards for their market and activities. A good example is loyalty club’s cards.

Loyalty Management solution makes the payment a moment of customer and merchant interaction. The aspect of loyalty serves while in the bank or in the store. The process is accompanied with certain incentives that eventually increases the payment frequency of the customer or the actual amount. It creates a win-win relationship between the customer and the merchant or the bank.

Card Personalization and Fulfillment

As a one-stop shop, through our certified Personalization Bureau, our top-of-class Personalization facilities enable us to offer Card Personalization with unparalleled turn-around time. Our range of Card personalization services covers data encoding, name embossing or indentation and photo inserts, amongst others. We also offer the flexibility of personalizing cards at Issuers’ branches, giving the competitive edge to instantly issue cards to walk-in customers. Because customers deserve to be offered personalized services, we offer Issuers the ability to deliver cards to their cardholders in nicely packaged welcome letters, made possible by an automated fulfillment process.

Loyalty Services

With increasing competition for the hearts and minds of the cardholder, the surest way to retain customer loyalty is through the application of rewards and loyalty programs.

Our loyalty solutions provide the perfect background to ensure this bonding.

We offer the full range of necessary loyalty services.

Card Procurement Services

Procuring payment cards is an expensive venture that is fraught with financial risks and operational challenges. As we aggregate card orders from several of our clients and because we also offer complementary services (Processing, Personalization and Fulfillment, amongst others) through our integrated processing circuit, we are able to procure cards on behalf of Issuers under a competitively priced regime that drives total cost of acquisition.

ATM and Merchant Acquirer Processing Services

Our ATMs or Points of Sale Acquirer Processing services offer Acquirers the opportunity to go beyond the traditional. In addition to enabling withdrawal at ATMs or payments at Points of Sale under very secure and standard compliant atmosphere, we also enable Acquirers to offer other services and solutions that add value to the needs of their cardholder customers. These include airtime vending, bill payments and funds transfer, amongst other services

Debit, Credit & Prepaid Card Issuer Processing Services

In the exciting world of card payments, Eniac offers you the platform to issue your Debit, Credit, Prepaid and/or Pre-authorized debit cards in as many exciting ways as fits your strategy and customers’ needs; online/offline solutions, single or dual currency card products, contact/contactless card solutions.

Switching Services

In line with global best practices, we partner and offer domestic switching services to the community of Issuers and Acquirers under Private Membership arrangements. This significantly helps in reducing downtimes and potential points of failure.

Fraud Prevention and Detection Services

Through our integrated Fraud Analyzer solution, founded on rule-based and advance neural behavioral predictions of cardholders, merchants, and acceptance devices, amongst others, we partner with our clients to minimize fraud on their card portfolios.

Development of creative payment solutions

With the rapidly changing dynamics in the e-payment space we work with our clients to translate their e-payment ideas into practical working solutions.