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Eniac’s gift card product

Eniac provides a variety of none banking gift cards in different types such as; Generic Cards, Custom Cards ,prepaid cards, Gift Cards include Plastic cards and Digital cards.

Also we provide dedicated Gift Card’s mobile app for our customer’s brand. A mobile gift card enables shoppers to use their gift cards more easily and quickly, since all of the associated data is stored right in their smartphone. no need to carry card with yourself. As a result, retailers can recognize the revenue gained from cards faster and may even see customers spend more than their allotted amounts. What’s more, virtual money is a great way for retailers to attract new customers. Because the redemption codes are usually notified when uploaded onto mobile devices, you’ll instantly obtain the recipient's contact information so you can add them to your customer database for future promotions or shopping incentives.

Eniac’s Gift card’s Mobile apps lets you store your gift cards, loyalty cards and coupons in your mobile and keep them organized in one place. It helps you arrange your physical wallets that you don't have to carry the plastic cards. For more information you can see our Gift Card website :

Eniac’s gift card special features
  • Order and pay online
  • Insert a custom phrase on the card
  • Possibility to choose a card for various events
  • The ability to purchase goods and services from shopping centers with the card reader or all bank’s Internet Gateways in SHETAB network
Eniac’s Gift Card App Features
  • Check Gift Card Balance and transactions.
  • Personalize and send our gift cards to friends and loved ones.
  • Gift Card Wallet: Add and spend Gift Cards in store (select merchants only).
  • Send eGift Cards: Virtual gift cards that are delivered via email in minutes.
  • Gift Card Rewards: Get reward points towards future gift card purchases with every purchase.

Find our gift cards below

Generic Gift Cards

Eniac keep in stock, a variety of generic gift card designs. This allows customers to purchase a small quantity of cards and have them delivered quickly.

Some of our clients choose to order these while waiting for their custom cards to be produced. The in-stock cards are color, we then print onto them (in black, gold or silver) your business details. This way we are able to keep the cost down and deliver quickly. Below you can view our current in-stock cards.

Remember that the color and design are already printed so we can’t change them.

If you want a FAST START, use our PREPRINTED cards!

  • Order No: 1000
  • Order No: 1002
  • Order No: 1003
  • Order No: 1005
  • Order No: 1006
  • Order No: 1008
  • Order No: 1009
  • Order No: 1010
  • Order No: 1011
  • Order No: 1013
  • Order No: 1015
  • Order No: 1016
  • Order No: 1017
  • Order No: 1018
  • Order No: 1019
  • Order No: 1020
  • Order No: 1022
  • Order No: 1024
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  • Order No: 1029
  • Order No: 1030
  • Order No: 1032
  • Order No: 1033
  • Order No: 1036
  • Order No: 1037
  • Order No: 1038
  • Order No: 1039
  • Order No: 1040
  • Order No: 1044
  • Order No: 1046
  • Order No: 1047
  • Order No: 1048
  • Order No: 1049
  • Order No: 1051
  • Order No: 1057

Custom Gift Cards

Custom designs can be just about anything you like. Eniac supply templates to help you and lots of information and advice about designing from scratch. If you explain what you like, we will send preliminary designs, so you can see how your cards will look. Once we find the design, we will send you final art proofs.

Many things can be done for your custom design cards and offer you the ability to really stand out in a crowd and excite your customers!

The front of the card can be designed with many different concepts and all the colors of the rainbow, plus startling metallic and high gloss reflective surfaces. All cards are opaque with the general terms and conditions (and other features) on the back.

Please Note: some place in front and back of gift card is reserved by Eniac, to communicate such messages as the general use of the card and printing shetac cobranded logo.

  • Safir
  • Rebook
  • Meykhosh
  • Sun
  • Diamond
  • Order No: 1004
  • Order No: 1028
  • Order No: 1031
  • Order No: 1034
  • Order No: 1035
  • Order No: 1041
  • Order No: 1045
  • Order No: 1050
  • Order No: 1052
  • Order No: 1053
  • Order No: 1054
  • Order No: 1055