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Re-brand our tried and tested personal lines products and schemes, neatly marketed through your own website.

Insurance Online Selling White Label

A white label website is a site produced by one insurer, that other client companies or intermediates may wish to use, but is rebranded to appear as the client's own site. And, often, the client will require some limited customization of content and products.

This means that another company can use the core functionality of the insurer's website, but have their own company’s identity on the site (logo, styling, color scheme, and contact details) and positions the site and offerings as their own "franchise”.

There are several possible solutions to this requirement. One approach is to simply clone the original website code in its entirety, and then to modify it so that the styling is changed to reflect the client company.

A better solution is to use the same base code for all of the sites, and to have different domain names pointing at the same code. Then, depending on the domain name accessing the site, various elements in the site can be changed to restyle it to appear in the other company’s corporate identity.

Below is an example of a page in its original form (left) and a "white label" version (right):

It is a common requirement to customize some content and to create a slightly different product question set for different sites. Whilst this is entirely possible, the more this requirement is extended the more complex the solution becomes

Eniac’s insurance white Label provides multi sector insurance services and based on Iranian insurance Providers.

In a new beginning as a pioneer company, Eniac Tech has initiated white label partnerships with over 22 principal insurance companies around country. Offering a progressive platform and a high level of technological expertise, we are able to meet the needs of each and every broker company who requires our support.

By providing a platform that is branded according to your wishes, you will be able to engage with your customers more closely, while offering them a range and depth of services not previously possible. Insurance companies and its agents who use the Eniac’s white label platform can sell the various types of insurance to their e-shops simply and quickly. They can also add this platform to their shopping basket.

How it works

Once you've decided you want to benefit from Eniac's vast insurance inventory and technological expertise, this is how it'll work:


our development team will work closely with you, finding out exactly how you want the site to be customized, and ensuring it meets your needs

Personalize the platform

we have a range of insurance products. You can request that all or just some of these to be incorporated into the white label that will become your website.

Flexible reporting

You'll be able to view up-to-date, accurate data online and on the go. Our system has been developed to enable users to access a vast range of reports and tailor these reports according to the business need - including booking, sales, performance and other data.

Simple admin

User-friendly maintenance tools allowing you to be in control at all times will ensure updating, amending and taking care of your site is as easy as can be.

12 great reasons to white-label our personal lines insurance products
  • You can trade schemes online with your own branded quote-and- sell B2C website
  • You can access our online administration portal for back office and call center environment faster than with traditional software houses
  • Your product or scheme can be online and out to market within 2 weeks
  • Customers can buy a policy from you in as little as 5 minutes
  • They can even pay online using a fully integrated direct-debit service with insurance companies payment gateway
  • You can access products you can’t usually get from traditional insurers
  • You can tailor our schemes to your own bespoke requirements
  • Even brokers with smaller volumes can get a standard scheme to market
  • Your web-based portal will handle all of your back-office paperwork and processes
  • You’ll pay no website development, maintenance or support costs
  • Our admin portal will generate your own branded
  • You’ll get plenty of sales and marketing support from us.


If you're an insurance company looking for multiple sales channels to help you with your website and customer interface, the Eniac’s white label platform will enable you to do this successfully:

Increase sales

The attractive, user friendly display that our platform offers will encourage existing customers to purchase from your site more frequently.

Reach new customers 

a slick website and larger insurance inventory will attract new customers to your company

Tailor your brand

your company name, logo and branding will be integrated into the site, allowing personalization to suit your needs.

The best technical support

Eniac tech has years of experience and only recruits the very best engineers and support staff available