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APIs for the Insurance Industry – Avoid the risk of falling behind

Whether you are deploying a simple point-to-point interface or implementing a comprehensive Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Eniac Tech has the insurance integration tools, experience, and technical expertise to help shorten timelines, eliminate risk, and achieve success.Eniac Tech is a company that provides a variety of business IT services. One such service is the web-based Insurance Information Services API, which enables clients to view the claim history of a car and all of their policies. Eventhough our software makes legacy API integration and management 10X faster, we realize that your overall project can be complex and we’re here to help.

We provide integration of XML/API Integration for insurance companies such that they benefit from the large depository of information that can be stored in the databases.

As an insurance XML provider our Extensible Markup Language (XML) data standards are designed to efficiently transport and store insurance policy data between insurance cores and websites which provide insurance products. Extending your reach to other industries that can send business to you is one of the large incentives in moving to an API economy. Insurance companies can benefit by offering insurance policies to customers of other industries such as automotive insurance for car purchases, homeowners insurance for real estate apps, vacation/travel insurance for travel apps, renters insurance, and life insurance for people who get married or have children. By providing APIs to these other industry Apps the insurance company has the opportunity to obtain new customers focused on these areas who were not even thinking about the related insurance aspects.

Insurance As A Service;

Eniac’s Insurance Integration Tools for Risk Free Implementation of EDI and XML

Brokers, get your users insured in seconds, this time with no paperwork.

APIs can help make it easy to do business with you. Providing APIs to partners would allow them to offer insurance options to their customers. For example, you could make APIs available to credit unions members, employers, etc. who could offer your insurance to their employees or customers.

Representative office APIs

Many of the same APIs used internally and with partners can be used as public APIs to drive additional business and help obtain new customers. For example, rather than making the API available to only selected partners, the API could be public and used by any employer of representative offices to sign up for selling insurance products. You may also choose to make an API available for a comparison App, so that your company has the opportunity to compete for new business.

Web sites, Mobile Apps and Social Media

In this area you might act as a consumer of APIs and mash this information with your own website. Acting on new trends in websites, Apps and social media can provide insurance business advantages, allowing you to take advantage of many opportunities. For example, all e- shop websites feeds these types of services and combine with their own business which helps determine if actions need to be taken to rectify customer satisfaction issues. Other references to consumer or business needs might allow you to act to offer insurance solutions.

You may also be alert to opportunities, such as looking for travel insurance topics, maternity, wedding

We make bold claims about our insurance API Software because they’re true


We've invented an incredibly fast and reliable way which connected to insurance companies core back-end systems with mobile, cloud and web solutions in minutes or days - 10X faster than anything you've seen before and we can prove it.

Now you can leverage and love your website and e-shop systems. Our service doesn't care how "old", "young" or "complex" they are - or you for that matter. Our open standards are compatible with everything and everyone.


Delivers API Solutions in minutes instead of months


Eliminates the need for a complex technology stack


Strong-typed APIs reduce risk of failure

It works how you want it to work - fast and easy.

API Connectors: In just minutes, you can automatically extract strong-type metadata from our core insurance system to create a standard Java API that includes the business logic.

API Deployment: One-click deployment means the API can easily be consumed and re-used by any Java developer for any digital service. Innovate anytime, anywhere.

API Design: Using built-in templates and wizards, automatically extend back-end entity objects into web or mobile applications, REST APIs or SOA web services.

API Testing: Our API software test URL helps you keep your pace with built-in Unit testing and continued testing in run-time.

API Enhancement: Inject multiple layers of security and accelerate performance. If needed, edit the metadata to create a custom solution

API Management: Easily manage your APIs by our API management and monitoring panel to found all activity and transactions.

What is available in the Eniac’s insurance core XML services?

One of the major advantages of XML is including all type of insurance category.

Eniac’s XML services include standard business messages used to carry information between insurance companies and brokers, representative offices, e-shop websites the online services are for the following business areas:

Third party insurance
Car insurance
Liability insurance
Life insurance
Travel insurance
Casualty insurance
Fire insurance