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Eniac's Users Management and Loyalty Web Services

EFT POS Loyalty Service

Eniac provides digital services that enhance and enable merchants’ relationships with their customers across the different stages of the customer journey - before, during and after the sales process - for private label cards, loyalty programs, and sales promotion service

  • Better targeting and adaptability of offers to match consumer expectations and profiles
  • Increasing the frequency of consumer interaction to create new sales opportunities
  • Delivering greater operational efficiency and improving margins

Private label cards

These solutions allow merchants to outsource some or all of the process of offering private label payment cards, including closed loop payment cards that can only be used for payment at participating retailers.

We offer merchants the full range of services necessary to set up a private label card:

  • Card application processing
  • Card issuing and replacements
  • Online card validation
  • Balance checking
  • Invoice generation
  • payment processing
  • Credit management
  • Collections
  • Call center support

We also support prepaid payment cards and gift cards.

EFT POS Loyalty Programs
  • Prepaid card
  • Gift packaging for delivery
  • Accepted at any EFTPOS merchant
  • Message from gift giver on card and card carrier
  • Choice of card designs and full custom presentation
  • Gift-giver defined value or set by the Merchant
  • Customer database setup, storage and management to monitor customer data from enrolment to loyalty activity follow-up
  • A loyalty and sales promotion rules engine that provides a flexible tool to generate loyalty rewards and promotional coupons
  • Statistical consulting to help interpret customer data to better understand customer behavior and expectations and adapt marketing programs
  • Marketing support to help design the loyalty program and customer offers
Sales Promotion Services and Campaign Management

Our internet and mobile sales promotion services help merchants to increase customer engagement by analyzing purchasing and other data collected during the interaction with the customers. This enables us to provide targeted and more effective offers, coupons and promotional messages.

Analyze Customer Behavior

We make the purchasing behavior of your customers visible and help you to define customer segments. Which customers have which preferences? Who is interested in the services offered? We identify customer needs and support you in the preparation and implementation of more attractive, target-group-specific campaigns.

Segment Your Customers

Our user-friendly interface enables you to design your own selections without any prior technical knowledge – saved selection templates can be easily updated for follow-up campaigns via a simple drag-and-drop function.

Develop , Plan and Implement Campaign

Campaigns can be created individually according to a modular design. Our tip: Organize your campaign in stages and prioritize individual steps. Through the assigning of reaction rules you can determine when, how often, and on which channel a customer is addressed. You can also allow local campaigns through the use of specific permissions.

Automated Campaigns

Once all elements are defined and set, your campaign will be fulfilled within a given time frame and according to prioritization.

Graphical reports give you a clear overview at every stage: Current status, accumulated responses to individual measures, time references and monitoring from a geographical perspective.

Evaluate and Optimize Campaign

Multi-stage campaigns can be evaluated in detail. Our campaign management solution provides you in-depth analysis of individual response rates. Compare your success based on statistically valid test groups and utilize your evaluations in future campaigns. This enables you to set in motion a constant optimization process.

10 Reasons why your business should use EFT POS enabled Gift Cards

  1. Low cost entry options.
  2. Prepaid Gift Card means sale is already yours.
  3. Bonus: ability to track online the cards sold and stored.
  4. Gift Card recipient chooses what they want, this eliminates returns.
  5. Eniac loyalty Service licensed platform provides security and integrity.
  6. 60% of customers spend more than value on card. Average bought value $80.
  7. NO extra software and minimal training as cards operate on your existing EFT POS terminal.
  8. All your branded cards pre-programmed so any loaded value can only be used in your store(s).
  9. Unique feature, we can arrange for your branded “EENCARD” Gift Card to be sold at other retailers; loading is via their EFT POS, thus promoting your business to customers of other retailers and the money is locked to your store.
  10. Non paper voucher system means: No fraud, or copied vouchers. Gift card can be loaded with virtually any amount; we recommend minimum $30 up to $1000 (more with documentation). Gift card recipient can spend how they want; in one go or gradually over 12 months. Smart, modern, your business branded plastic Gift Card is like the “big guys”, includes user PIN.